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But he brought her up in a strict environment to make her strong. The grandson of a powerful noble family, a perfect boy who meets all 3 conditions of studies, athletics and looks. However, two of her guys in a romantic entanglement with Go Dok Mi? Also, a deadly conspiracy involving a plot to poison the prince is slowly unveiled. Go directly to the aja-aja site if you want to download anything from there. And these doesn’t appear like magic with a snap of finger or whenever you want them! He makes Hye-na to do community service, kidnaps her, and now appears in front of her as the new household manager!

It is the story of a father cannot afford to die, because he must ensure the safety of his child. He always does what he think is right even if he has to use money or sometimes violence to solve problems. Like this like that Although he has been friends with Seung Mi for a really long time, he doesn’t know that Eun Sung is her step-sister as Eun Sung has been in states studying. Use the online google translator if you want to read the basic translations of any news in Korean. Why are things different here?

Production has resumed with director Jo Keun-Hyun now directing the film. Formerly, director Kang Woo-suk Silmido, Glove was reported to be attached to the project but Choo is now set to direct. Vampire Prosecutor Korean Title: Thanks for the great review, HeadsNo2. Youth Scandal – Lee Min Young Don’t post any requests for subs!

I just watched it last night and now you guys made the review. Jo Gyu Won Network: A master of manipulation and mind games who rose to power at age I already pre-ordered it from Amazon!

Gwanghae the man who became king dramacrazy

She finds his attitude at work unacceptable! Love the 5-min highlights clip, many thanks to Onsemiro for the English subs. He always does what he think is right even if he has to use money or sometimes violence to solve problems. He’s talented in music although he is diagnosed with savant syndrome. There’s a difference in quality with the latter rating higher visually than the former, hence Han releases are bigger in file size.


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Losing both her mother and father in a plane crash at a young age, Hena had a lonely upbringing living under the care of her stringent grandfather.

Kim So-hyeon-I can’t stop using the clothes’ pin.

Role of homicide detective. This drama will tell the story of four men in their forties as they go through love, breakup, success, and failure. He went missing after the death of his father when Sung Hee ‘threw’ him away in the middle of nowhere and warned him not to make contact with his sister.

Although veteran director Kang Woo-suk Silmido was previously reported to be attached to the project, Choo has been locked to direct. Reminded me of Lee Jun Ki when he was a performer shaking his bootay!

Gwanghae the man who became king dramacrazy

Just download from what the other soompiers provide you. OST Part masqueraxe Credits: We understand that later Gwanghae would be dethroned, and there were many reasons for it etcetc.

Sad To Say – Dong Wook Never upload the vids or subs on any illegal streaming sites like MySoju, DramaCrazy, etc. Definitely recommend this movie!

k-dramas & movies – soompi

Which is why she hates Choi Won. Dada May 19, at 8: Loved the way they ended the film as well something that I can’t always say about kdras and xramacrazy. Too Love – Junsu Many thanks to the mod who updated the thread directory with the link to the 26 Years thread.

Since the movie is centered around a sensitive real life situation financiers have been reluctant to back this project. Thank you so much for all the movie news and reviews. Lee Dong-wook up for fugitive-thriller sageuk drama. She will get rid of Lee Ho to ensure her candidate rng choice becomes king.


She would rather die than to face poverty and ended up taking all her second husband’s insurance money when they were about to become bankrupt. A doctor who is on the run after being framed for murder” I’ll give my life to save you! Emg subtitles will be released first on their site. Enz May 20, at 9: Destiny, the second story Will you marry me? On the flip side, Han Tae Joon is her first love, and her feelings seem to be reciprocated by the young physician. Do not post requests for any bt seedings of any vids links as Soompi is not responsible for any of them.

Although he has been friends with Seung Mi for a really long time, he doesn’t know that Eun Sung is her step-sister as Eun Sung has been in states studying.

Choo previously directed the hit comedy Mapado: Although Seung Mi feels guilty about the things her mom had done to Eun Sung and defends her, it’s now waivering as she worries about losing Woo Hwan when she finds out that he is charmed by Go Eun Sung’s personality. Any complaints about any streaming links will be counted as spam and will be reported to the mods.

Don’t Hesitate Korean Title: Any complaints of the respective companies such as Viki, YouTube, Etc. She is a cavalier princess who lives in a palace like mansion, and possesses an attitude of self-conceited arrogance.

Yoon Eun Hye show support to child actors. Masqueade code of conduct Articles on this Page drwmacrazy articles to of