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There are some more coals here. I was fighting in the mountains for 10 years. You couldn’t negotiate with them, but you surely can do it with us! Can’t you hear the sound of rockets? I left my car here. They are going inside the building.

They started to disintegrate when they lost the war in Afghanistan. If I find even one movie here, I’ll burn you with it. Molla Qader has threatened me. The manager of a cinema in Mashhad gave me a lens. Hamid Molavi Production Designer: They must not see only blood.

It’s for the Soviet Union! First, I have to call my office and take a mission support letter.

You didn’t say, why did you come here? They are going to bring me a new leg from Red Cross. I’ll be right back.

I am sure they have occupied there too. He’s right, nobody knows me but I can’t go outside too.

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I can’t take you out! This is our country. They occupied Kandahar in Many parts of it are broken, I can’t fix it. Afghanistan is in a bad situation. He works in the Institute for the intellectual development of children and young adults.


Masoud Raygan

I did, they didn’t accept her. Otherwise, you’ll be punished. Numberreconstruction of the tomb of Buddha! They love to kill Iranian people. You’re killing your child.

Government did a wrong thing! Yes, I come to beautiful places for my missions. Everything is possible in this universe. Faygan have no more. What’s new about the projecting room? We have many Iranian movies. Taher, the police officer in charge of the case, at first thinks Morteza is guilty, like all the evidence indicates, before discovering that he knows him.

Masoud Raygan biography

I’ll do it, you go. I told you “Close the cinema”. Yes, I am done here, I leave after displaying the movie. Wake up, my dear. May Qand Aqa rest in peace. Cinema is illegal for women. You stay here, Rokhsareh. No, I won’t let you come. Let’s get into the car. Bring a plate of meat, please. I think I must see the opening of cinema from here. Can you remember that I told you “It’s impossible” when we watched it in Mashhad. I wish it doesn’t happen again.


You don’t pay attention to what I say. I have to do many things, but I’ll do my best. I go and put my clothes on. This is my Golchehreh.

I want to take them to Mashhad to fix them. We have to go to Kabul Don’t trust these raygn. I agree, but we have no money and no safety. A giant sandstorm in what looks like an Iranian Monument Valley brings the drama to a spectacular if unlikely close.

Hello, hope you’re not tired. May I help you? These things are the causes of sickness. It’s OK, let him check me up.