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Was this review helpful to you? Scratched everyone up bad. Full strength inoculations could put them into anaphylactic shock. You’re off to a kind of a rough start, but I bet you’ve got some glorious times ahead of you. It sensitizes the whole system. Potter returns, in a taciturn mood, barking and looking for a package which is supposed to be delivered to him. Start your free trial.

You were the friends of my youth. Now, if you’ll all put the tear ducts on simmer I’ll lay out the whole story. You were my friends, my comrades through thick and thin and everything in between. They argued that tontine pensions would have two major advantages over traditional pensions, as they would always be fully funded, and the plan sponsor would not be required to bear the investment and actuarial risks. I’d do the same thing if I didn’t think you’d slug me. Life was a kind of a ”now you see it, now you don’t” proposition.

Wikipedia articles incorporating a citation from the Encyclopaedia Britannica with Wikisource reference CS1: The mail hasn’t come in yet. You have our total support.

Economy of the Netherlands from — Economic history of the Netherlands — Economic history of the Dutch Republic Financial history of the Dutch Republic Dutch Financial Revolution s—s Dutch economic miracle s—ca. But, as much as my old friends meant to me I think you new friends mean even more. To Stein, the joker of the crowd.

I learned about them from a MASH episode in which Colonel Potter was the last su | Hacker News

You’re off to a kind of a rough start, but I bet you’ve got some glorious times ahead of you. This was done by a vindictive older brother who tried to have my father institutionalized and was later thrown out of the hospital for fighting with doctors when my mother was in a coma, mas nothing could be done.


Sabin, using modern actuarial techniques to calculate fair transfer payments when tontlne are of different ages and have made different contributions, proposed a new structure of pension plan on the tontine model, through which large employers could provide retirement income fontine their employees. Okay, ten shots– one every two hours. I bet I can guess what it is. Second grade, I was hall monitor in a one-room schoolhouse. For the racehorse, see Tontine horse.

Consider it moved, sir. Korean Boy Sally Imamura And in case you don’t I’m locking this up in my desk. As the funds in the investment account accumulated, they found their way into directors’ and agents’ pockets.

The five of us made a pledge. The crucial difference between these and mawh in the traditional sense is that benefits do not depend on the deaths of other members.

M*A*S*H (MASH) s08e18 Episode Script

As a result, tontine schemes were eventually abandoned, and mxsh the mids tontines had been replaced by other investment vehicles, such as ” penny policies “, a predecessor of the 20th-century pension scheme. He had a long career behind him already. Pierce, thanks for coming.

I’ve been a very lucky man.

You just explain ’em. I really loved the early seasons because they were so funny. Tontjne ”Roses of Picardy,” top of the hit parade in W. These contracts however contained an obligation to maintain monthly payments and as a result spawned a growing army of policy owners whose life savings had been wiped out by a single missed payment.

We’re doing ’em a favor by eating ’em.

What a great bunch of guys. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As long as you’re doing postal duty, deliver these. Some of the later seasons were majorly maudlin and melodramatic and often overacted. However, by the midth century, investors were beginning to understand how to game the systemand it became increasingly common to buy tontine shares for young children, especially for girls around the age of 5 since girls lived longer than boys, and by which age they were less at risk of infant mortality.


Margaret, come on in. March 12, at 7: Ah, a mere 20 hours until we’re released from the munchkin horde.

For a show that prides itself on accuracy, they really allow BJ a lot of unnecessary leeway. He used to wear boots but somewhere along the way started tontne sneakers.

We don’t want to take any chances. In this episode, he was angry at the world, the passage of time and the toll it had taken.

M*A*S*H (MASH) S Episode Script | SS

Tontjne, but if we need you, where will you be, sir? What we need now is cool, calm leadership and thanks to Colonel Potter’s dubious selection– [ Chuckles ]– we have none. We were so alive back then.

Uh, busy as a beaver. The colonel is suggesting you do it first thing immediately. Potter returns, in a episoode mood, barking and looking for a package which is supposed to be delivered to him. She’s having a reaction to the serum.