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He asks Karan to leave Priya is looking at him.. Adi asks him to wait for answers till vidya recovers. Hrithik Roshan stylies wallpapers. She shows Imli all the pictures [wow Vidya, I don’t know how smart the decision of her telling Imli is]. Newer Post Older Post. Watch Bhaagon Waali – 11th April

Brahmanand openly began flirting with other women. That no daughter will want a future at her mom’s expense. Priya looks at her sternly and Vidya gets uncomfy.. Aditya regrets having lied to Priya earlier, and tells her about it. Aditya says now that Uttara has changed clothes they all want to see the old Uttara back.. Bauji tells Priya about how Devyani always pretended to have a happy marriage in front of him, but he gradually realized the truth.

Pradhan’s friends tease him for being in love with Vidya. Gaurav is very surprised on her behaviour.

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Watch Gunahon Ka Devta – 11th April Devyani tells Priya how she pretended to maryqda a perfect marriage in front of Uttara. Gaurav still bore some scars from the incident. Newer Post Older Post. Bauji insists that Devyani episoode Priya about her past. Uttara repents for her mistake. Devyani’s confused asking where Priya could have gone and tells Aditya to check the entire house and Aditya’s worried, saying that he’s checked the entire house and she’s not there.

Maryada SBB 11th April 2011 – Maryada SBB 11th April 2011 –

Devyani cal l s Priya’s name and comes infront of her. Gaurav tells tht it was their own dad who shot vidya, adi refuses to believe and They are stunned to see that Bauji has overheard their conversation. Brahmanand lies to Uttara about there being a power failure and heavy rain outside.


maryqda Click Here To Watch – Part 4. Gaurav begins questioning and SSP begins an explanation [BS if you ask me] about how she has a phobia for police uniforms and how he’s seen many cases in the past where a problem in someone’s past causes them to have extreme fear of policemen, and with proper care everything will be fine.

And he hangs up.

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Priya reading the newspaper, saying to herself how that article will be the first step in showing Aditya the truth about SSP. Devyani yells at her for being lost in her own thoughts and thinking of going home, what kind of work is that important? And Imli begins a rant about how she zpril trust Priya, and senses something wrong. Vidya is sleeping and dreaming about her and gaurav.

Vidya keeps serving Gaurav but he leaves. And Priya’s dad says that they miss her a lot too, that he wishes he could just see her for 2 seconds. Watch Bhagye Vidhata – 11th April Uttara tells Brahmanand about how she was always ignored, since childhood, and Devyani was always considered very i And says that he’ll only eat the food made by Priya, and everyone is really happy, while priya is just looking at him with tears.


She sees a temple and makes her way inside.

But nobody knows about them. And she remembers Aditya’s words as he gave that to her, how he has always been there for her. Uttara is stunned to know that Brahmanand had forcibly sent Devyani on a holiday.

Devyani tells Priya how she once went to the guest house to surprise Brahmanand at work.

Jaggi comes and tells Devyani that he lost track of Aditya. Priya is extremely upset.

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Gaurav says now that Adi is going into politics he would have to come to him and bribe him. Gaurav leaves Vidya runs behind him and Adi also says he would go with Gaurav so he also moves. And Devyani tells her to just go if she needs to. Devyani tells Priya that she did not a;ril up against Brahmanand due to fear of losing the most important thing in her life.