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Whilst he raced for several teams during his Formula One career he is probably best known today for his television work as an F1 commentator. Richard Mille Sports watch Watch talk. Ferragamo on Castiglion del Bosco winery Wines and Spirits. New York to London in 3 Hours. However, I was mainly there to talk to Martin and his association with Richard Mille watches. I was just going to ask you what your favourite watch is.

Ferragamo on Castiglion del Bosco winery Wines and Spirits. Your watch says a lot about you, so I think that for me is great. Also add to the package the usual extras of the brand: They use a lot of materials that are relevant to aviation and the high-end motor racing industry. You kept that one quiet. Private Tour of the Louvre. But they need to decide what the shape of an F1 car , an F1 weekend and an F1 championship looks like.

On the wrist, Wath at times forgets that the watch is even there. I guess we are many watch lovers to have a strong interest in cars too knowing cars before watches I believe. For relaxation I return to my beloved home county of Norfolk England and spend time with the family. This happens a lot. Custom Line Navetta Driving a car at speed, appreciating the technology and materials that are holding you, hurtling down margin straight towards the corner, breaking hard with metres to go before you turn hard into the corner itself and accelerate out around the turn.

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Interview with former F1 driver Martin Brundle on Richard Mille and the sport

The Formula One brunle a whole is undergoing major changes this year with new management and new rules, what do you make of the sport moving forward? Thanks for this “wet” report, it must have been a memorable day!

He holds the dubious distinction of having the longest Formula One career Grand Prix starts without a race victory, or a pole position or a fastest lap.

Richard is a total petrol-head so we fit well nrundle like that plus I do some work with them around the world. His goal actually remains marttin RM!


I love the watches! Looking forward to that mini movie and the F1 year ahead with equal vigour. Generally speaking what we have now is not the answer.

I am good friends with Richard Mille and Peter Harrison and when you are in the Mille familyyou are in the family for life. Marhin suggested to Richard that he become involved with the racing team as a sponsor. Richard Mille has this reputation for being exclusive and reassuringly expensive as they say. Why this affinity between cars and watches that surfaces in race drivers?

And seriously, he has quite a collection. Enter your email to receive our newsletter.

New York to London in 3 Hours. The new Richard Mille RM He was, however, quite active in the Formula 1 championship between andwhich makes him quite a celebrity in the racing world. Their current watches are very nice and fit very well to both of them. It is a very dynamic business, its changing month by month and year by year so I am pleased that those controlling it now are media people and not financial people.

Of course, the Richard Mille RM comes with the usual but superb finish of the brand, meaning a partially skeletonized movement, unique spline screws and lots of hand-finished parts. Back to the racing line!

Martin Brundle | The Official Martin Brundle website

Richard Mille, McLaren combine material science, cars and timekeeping in one watch Richard Mille honours four athletes for their outstanding achievements Richard Mille RM accompanies Nadal for historic 10th Win. Noticed over the last brundel of years his ‘movement’ with the brand.

Be in the know about the latest in luxury lifestyle and more, straight to your inbox. I can see wtch people race cars — it is a rush!

Andrew H This message has been edited by AnthonyTsai on The weather was not helping, but with a drying track, it was still a heap of fun to fly the Silverstone circuit. Said that, though I think we will be just fine now and moving forward. Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas Events. Talking to Martin, and his son Alex, it turned out that Martin had always had a secret watch geek persona hiding somewhere inside the successful racecar driver.


Subscribe to our newsletter? My crazy pre race Gridwalks have become my trade mark. Overall it is an interesting and unusual company. I think we have gone the wrong way with the cars and it now needs a very strategic and carefully thought through process on what the end goal is and when it is whether it is or The affinity comes from the use of the same types of materials and concepts that can be found in the cutting edge automotive engineering that is found in the cars.

With an instructor beside you, there was a lesson before you were allowed to take on a lap at full speed.

How do you think they complement each other? I like the new Martib I aatch think that is too far away. The watch was so light. Karl Lagerfeld Dies at Age 85 Fashion. The strap line alone is a racing machine on the wrist. Such was the success of the Nissan engine last year at Le Mans that this year sixty percent of the LMP2 class will be powered by the Nissan engine. Richard Mille Sports watch Watch talk.

Watching Celeb Watches: Martin Brundle and his Richard Mille machines

If an opportunity interests me and time permits I very much enjoy after dinner and motivational speaking, and personal appearances. To regulars on the forum who are F1 fans, Martin Brundle will be a well-known Richard Mille enthusiast who spends his own money on the watches.

I competed in Watchh races with 10 podiums. Sometimes it works, sometimes…. I see no margin to doubt that the same magic that is evident in his watches, his past associations with sports ambassadors, will not shine on this new venture.