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Of course, if you are Green, you can always try to get the taxpayer to fund you so that you can try to be God and stop the droughts. The lake, due to its shallow nature, was no place for small boats during storm events as the chop would be very dangerous. Of course this program would have a web site which could carry more detail than can be discussed on air. However, on balance, I think Jen is right. Does that sound like tolerance to you? She is sceptical of anthropogenic global warming and co-authored a peer-reviewed paper in GeoResJ suggesting that most of the recent warming is attributable to natural variations, a view disputed by most climate scientists. Anyway, just a note of support and a hoorah! It seems like they have to win.

Comments Its such a pity the ABC are giving you a hard time and not focussing on resolving these important scientific issues. The system might be in flood now and water is abundant but that will not always be the case. Say yes to decommissioning the BAC. Oh good, and while we are at it lets get the rats together to police the granary. The paper came as a separate report from the Climate Institute, an independently funded think tank, [a panel, a commission and now an institute? Can you point us to any recognised scientific expert who supports your view?

Wow there are a lot of people getting paid for this carbon stuff huh? Plus, it had the Cricket, the footy, the Olympics and Commonwealth Games….

What happened to all the droughts and dry periods that we thought were associated with climate change? Check the top of the left column. I think that it is an excellent paper, but there may be some flaws in it.

I see it as fairly simple. March 14th, Tags: Temperature records are influenced by a range of factors such as changes to site surrounds eg.

March 16, at 3: Unbelievable… Who the heck is Media Watch and how long have they been around?

ABC News Watch: Murray-Gate: Some questions for Media watch

They will never fill up. He does not deny that mrohasy periods of low inflows those Lakes and the LRM were subject to sea water incursions. Destroy the messenger rather than have the knowledge or backbone to be involved in factual, rational debate.


The Fluin et al. Where is the common sense in this?

Indeed, having a wider plan and compensation packages must be very relevant. The bias is obvious. The only way this tax can be legitimate is if the whole premise for it coming into being is legitimate.

Jennifer Marohasy born is an Australian biologist, columnist and blogger. Has any progress been made on lobbying the polity in the last few years or are they still stonewalling? March 14, at 9: Do you accept that the vast majority of medix experts on the natural history and hydrology of the Lower Lakes disagree with your conclusion that they were estuarine immediately prior to the erection of the Murray Mouth barrages, or at any time in the past years?

Nor are we disputing the AEFs right to promote medis views. She is currently researching a novel technique for long-range weather forecasting funded by the B. Jennifer, Sure is nice to see some proactive measures against ratbag quasi-journalists. Mr Holmes despite his self-admitted lack mxrohasy scientific expertise makes innuendo that scepticism of the A in AGW is a sneer against any scientist that has such concerns.

What’s in a name? – Media Watch – Media Watch – Media Watch

Firstly, the rise in obesity in the US was fastest in the period on the East Coast, where CO2 concentrations are highest. Detective work had found that a noticeable shift in the readings in the s had likely been due to changes in vegetation around the instrument.

As for the format. In June last year … Was he a financial supporter?

Climate sceptics see a conspiracy in Australia’s record breaking heat

The facts are usually the last thing they want to know about. When water is not available to maintain the Lakes Alexandrina and Albert we must accept the fact and as long as critical human needs supply is provided maintain the Lakes especially Lake Alexandrina the best way possible. The referenced Fig There is no higher principle or policy sense at work here.

During the recent protracted Millennium drought, water levels in Lake Alexandrina fell precipitously from 0.

March 15, at 2: Another paper recently accepted by the journal Advances in Atmospheric Sciences examines the application of artificial neural networks to forecasting rainfall in Queensland. But you actually know its all a scam dont you Matty B?


The Lakes survived and replenished because the drought finally broke. If Holmes continues with this piece and tries to discredit you by suggesting you are doing the bidding of big Irrigators, I believe the ABC will be further discerdited and eventually we will have a Government in Canberra with the balls to pull this sheltered workshop of overpaid, self-serving egotists into line.

They have a surface area of approximately 65,ha, an average depth of 3m, a volume of 1. Our role is to make meteorological measurements, and to curate, analyse and communicate the data for use in decision making and to support public understanding. One of the alarming things about all this is that Media Watch seemingly chose to ignore that a majority of relevant experts have supported the evidence that the lakes were previously estuarine.

Media Watch Witch Hunt

Also keep one thing in mind: Her partner was also a researcher for the Government in the global warming field who used to believe in the extreme consequences of man made Climate Change.

Nitzschia pusilla was one of these in LA sediments medai is a dominant species in Lake Eyre and has been found at salinities several times that of sea water. Called Mud Islands Game Reserve!

Peter, they source the water from pipes from an area that is protected from the influence of the ocean. With this in mind I draw your attention to questions 13 and 14 in mdeia list we provided.

This work was financially supported by the B. They sent her a barrage of questions last Friday, which she hammered in a detailed reply on the weekend. This is a hot trending topic and article picked up by Bolt, the Bunyip, Catalaxy. Read much, much more, here. Is he, to your knowledge, a financial supporter of the Australian Environment Foundation?