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General admission to the museum will be free, and visitors will be able to talk with some of our female scientists making a difference. The late former Apple Inc. It just might be to leave room for spontaneity, based on the advice offered by your Drexel classmates about the ins and outs and ups and downs of studying in a foreign land. Have your questions ready! Weather was clear for the move days, and we set up camp in a ravine bounded by Devonian outcrop on one side and a tongue of glacial ice on the other. The New Superfood August 24, Swak!

But like many of the millions of specimens at the Academy, this million-year-old fossil still had a story to tell. The Issue brings together 15 of Drexel’s environmental experts to weigh in on what Philadelphia may look like in Below, Mead shares the excitement of introducing students to the diverse possibilities of the field. Are Wildfires Really That Bad? October 19, The fires now ravaging North California have been particularly bad this year because years of drought have left the area much like a tinderbox. The ocean waves crash around your legs, leaving a slimy green thing clinging to your ankle. Fossils of armored fishes like this one, a phyllolepid placoderm, are known for the distinctive ornamentation of ridges on their exterior plates. Read More Academy of Natural Sciences to Provide Scientific Guidance in Coordinated Region-Wide Watershed Protection May 21, The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University has received a major grant from the William Penn Foundation to support watershed protection and restoration in the Delaware watershed that is intended to coordinate and demonstrate a region-wide impact on improving water quality.

Amanda Lough, PhD, assistant professor in the College of Arts and Sciences, is a geologist who focuses on seismology, the study of earthquakes. The physical, emotional, financial and gastrointestinal strains posed by the holiday season can make it feel like more of a slog than a restorative hiatus.

Read More Pioneering Ecologist Dr. PhD student Elizabeth Nicholls and mentor Brian Daly examined depression and anxiety in children with spina bifida living in Colombia, South America, in the first study investigating these topics in a developing area.

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Read More Spanning the Globe: But even those “generalist” parasites are limited. The Scholars were selected on the basis of academic merit from a field of 1, mathematics, science, and engineering students who were nominated by the faculties of colleges and universities nationwide.

Read More Whiteout in Antarctica: Read More Surface-Going Cave Crickets Actually More Isolated Than Cave-Dwelling Cousins March 16, Although other studies on cave-dwelling creatures have found that animals that spend all of their lives in the dark of caves are more likely to be genetically isolated, a recent study on two groups of crickets found the opposite. Congratulations to Physics majors E. Read More Hurricane Harvey: The material they bring back has the potential to open new lines of research and answer limitless questions about life on Earth.


In Part 2 Lacovara looks back into the process of discovery and then forward into how paleontology is going high-tech and much more.

On May 9th, Dave DeMatteo testified before the Pennsylvania House Democratic Policy Committee in Harrisburg in a special hearing on mental health issues and the criminal justice system. Sharpen your professional and research skills, earn extra money and gain valuable experience with these student job opportunities!

As an on-campus leader, she has advocated for Drexel to remain committed to its environmental initiatives and has helped empower new Dragons as a student ambassador and mentor. Jim Bergey, MS in science, technology and society ’16, is the inaugural recipient of the Excellence in Science, Technology and Society Prizewhich is presented to a STS graduate student who has demonstrated exemplary performance in research, academics and service to the STS program.

Since Friday, Houston and its surrounding area has been hammered by more than 40 inches of rain, with more set to come.

Student amrina in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences presented their research at the annual College of Arts and Sciences Madina Day on Tuesday, April 3, in Behrakis Grand Hall. Stephanie Goldstein, a doctoral student in clinical psychology mentor: Read More Whiteout in Antarctica: Hallie Espel, a second year doctoral student advised by Drs.

Read More Un-Muddying Waters: A Gigantic, Exceptionally Complete Sauropod Dinosaur September 04, A Drexel-led team has described a new dinosaur species with the most complete skeleton ever found of one of the largest animals to ever walk the Earth.

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Read More Drexel Scientists Find Common Sweetener is a Safe Insecticide June 04, In a study that began as a sixth-grade science fair project, researchers at Drexel University have found that a popular non-nutritive sweetener, erythritol, may be an effective and human-safe insecticide. Located on the first floor of MacAlister Hall, it will serve as the anchor location for a new program created in partnership with Canon Eoisode America Inc.

The situation in the Caribbean looked truly frightening that morning, with Irma devastating island chain after island chain with a ferocity that left meteorologists astounded.

A number of students in the Department of Psychology have received prestigious awards and grants.

We profile some of them here so you can get to know them before you come. Week 5 January 07, Week 5 in Antarctica started with clear skies but strong winds creating dangerous wind chills. Read More Drexel Takes Eco Education to the Movies at Philadelphia Film Festival April 04, In search of new ways to promote awareness of the episodf of climate change and global warming, Drexel faculty members have struck up a relationship with the Philadelphia Environmental Film Festival.


Stephanie Kerrigan, a 4th year PhD student in the clinical psychology graduate program, recently received three awards. But as Cambodian and international survey teams collaborate, more and more species are coming to light.

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Another day at the beach, another piece of seaweed. One is a smartphone app designed to alert peopleat times when they are at risk for binge behaviors, among a comprehensive suite of other features. Read More Day in the Life of a Creek October 12, If you happened to be marlna, biking or boating in the Wissahickon Creek area recently or watched the local news you may have thought you were imaging things.

Tracy Quirk captured detailed measurements of water level and salinity at a range of coastal wetland sites, even as they were overtaken by Hurricane Sandy.

Scientists from the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University have described another new lobe-finned fossil fish species from the same time and place in the Canadian Arctic as the famous precursor to limbed animals, Tiktaalik roseaewhich they discovered several years ago.

Read More Common Artificial Sweetener Likely a Safe, Effective Birth Control, Pesticide for Insects, Drexel Study Finds May 23, Erythritol, a non-nutritive sweetener found in products like Truvia, has proven effective in killing fly larvae and slowing down mraina egg production, making it a good candidate for human and pet-safe pesticide use.

Two new treatment methods under investigation at Drexel University aim to help people reduce binge-eating behavior. Read More Mountaineering Ants Use Body Heat to Warm Nests June 29, Underground army ants can keep their nests — called bivouacs — warm with their body heat; this social warming may enable fragile offspring to survive in chilly mountain forestsaccording to Drexel University researchers. Memorial Announced for Dr. It enabled high-speed travel and gravity-defying flight.

Experts at Drexel University in Philadelphia are eoisode to assist the news media with their coverage of the event and its implications from a variety of perspectives.