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Even if the Persian Empire had had the population base to produce 1,, troops, it would have faced a gargantuan task in organizing and deploying these without the benefit of modern computers and communications technology. Reconstruction of Achaemenid ships in One thing is certain: While a detailed discussion is beyond the scope of this article, a few highlights will hopefully serve to arouse the interest of the readers. The evolution of learning very much resembles the evolution of human rights in history: As a consequence, every individual is entitled to liberty of thought, action and speech.

Again, this seems to be derived from a massive sense of ignorance regarding the role of Iranian women in history. Each person is given the choice between good and evil — it is up to us to choose between them. What happened next is as comical as it is tragic. The Evolution of cavalry. Nevertheless, Iranian cavalry continued to evolve, even after the Alexandrian conquests of the Persian Empire. In my opinion, it would be fascinating to have a historically balanced movie that would portray the lives of Themistocles, Xerxes, Artemesia, and Artaxerxes.

New York and London: Governess of Rayy Farrokh, Elite Sassanian cavalry,p. Below is a reconstruction csaat Iranian heavy cavalry of the Achaemenid period.

The Martial Arts Tradition of Greece. The latter focused mainly on Iranian-speaking Kurds mainly descendants of the Medes and the mainly Turkish speaking Azerbaijanis of Iran themselves descendants of the Media Atropatene — one of the ancient homes of the aforementioned Zoroastrian religion.

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The Battle of Salamis. There were to be no forced conversions and the gods of all nationalities were fully respected: Marathoin struck me about the movie was its portrayal of the Greco-Persian Wars in binary terms: This is the first human rights charter in history. Very few are aware of the positive references to the military skill of the later Persian knights.

This tool attempts to detect copyright violations in articles. Ancient Persia at War Thermopylae: These were reconstructed by historians, researchers as well as professional army officers in The movie displayed the equipment of the Spartans relatively well, considering that the producers were intent on reproducing the images of a comic book, leaving little room for consultation with modern scholarship.

The Achaemenid Empire became a marine empire as soon as it reached the Aegean Sea.


The vast numbers of troops were actually a liability as co-ordination and communication and logistical support must have been complex, particularly in contrast to the much smaller and compact, and linguistically uniform, Greek force. It was from the mid th to the early 20 th centuries when a number of European scholars began to question the fantastic numbers cited by Herodotus.

Specific websites can be skipped by being added to the excluded URL list. Below is his portrait as he appears in Persepolis: The Politics of Entertainment. The Bronze Age to end of the Qajar Period http: Battle of Thermopylae Spartans and Cswta. These capabilities date from far more recent modern times, from the time of the American Civil War and the madathoni of the railway and telegraph.

The Battle that actually saved Greece from total conquest occurred at sea: Greeks like all great peoples of history are integral to world civilization. Prince Xerxes is seen on the top row, second from the right.

Typical of the drama of Greek politics, Themistocles, the man who had rescued Greece from the jaws of defeat, was later condemned as a traitor to Greece and forced to flee Athens! He has lectured at the University of British Columbia as well as Stanford University and has appeared on the History Channel as an expert on ancient Iran. Leiden Brill Academic Marwthoni. The fact is that Xerxes finally won at Thermopylae and pushed through into Greece.

Subcategories This category has the following 4 subcategories, out of 4 total. The empire continued that support as indicated by a decree by Darius the Great in BC by allowing the Jews to complete the reconstruction of the Jerusalem Temple Ezra, 4: Xerxes could not maintain or expand his European land conquests if he could not control the seas.

The tomb of Esther and Mordechai still stands to this day in Hamadan, the site of the ancient city of Ecbatana, a city that has hosted Jews for over years. Xerxes soon realized the error of his actions, but it was too late.

There still remains the question however of why not at least consider utilizing Greek actors to portray Greek historical characters? Asia Institute of Pahlavi University.

k on movie magyar felirat angol

The retort to this is that the movie is only faithfully reproducing the characters of a harmless comic book. Earwig’s Copyvio Detector Settings. His offers to rebuild Athens after the battles were firmly rejected by the Greeks.


Even if the Persian Empire had had the population base to produce 1, troops, it would have faced a gargantuan task in organizing and deploying these without the benefit of modern computers and communications technology. Interestingly, a number of Turks from western Turkey in the Richard study showed incidences of the European gene markers, indicating mixtures with Greek and other European populations in the course of Turkish history.

Put simply, the results show a very high incidence of U5 lineages — genes common among modern Europeans as a whole. The women of ancient Iran were priestesses i. Very few are aware that the study of Astronomy was actually prohibited in ancient Athens in the 5th Century BC; any such studies were labeled as blasphemy.

The paintings below provide a more accurate reconstruction of the uniforms, weapons and armor of the Achaemenid troops. At least the portrait of Fi,m Leonidas in the movie was consistent with the depictions of ancient Greeks as seen in the vases of Classical Greece. As noted by Greek-Canadian historian, George Tsonis: Below is a Classical Greek depiction of Xerxes when he was still a prince in the court of his maratjoni, Darius the Great: How are Greeks and Iranians Portrayed?

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The movie portrayal of Achaemenid armor, was pure fiction and has no resemblance to that issued among Achaemenid troops. For an introduction of the Engineering feats that led to the invasion of Europe from Asia Minor modern Turkeyyou may wish to consult the History Channel program: Ru-Battle of Thermopylae intro.

The trailer of the movie states: Scythian left and Mede right Saka Tigrakhauda Tall-capped Scythian to the left and a Mede round cap to the right appearing before the Achaemenid kings at the Imperial palace of Persepolis.