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Gaitiara thought that the last card she could use to turn Daood against Nayab was of Zaid but little did she know that Daood is at such a stage in his life where he has become so selfless that nothing related to him or his feelings matter to him anymore. What a brilliant episode once again. Audible Download Audio Books. Will moves in with his handicapped cousin, James, for the summer. Dumpster Diver 10 min Short, Horror 5. Too drunk to get out of the building, he calls on his old operatives for help. When any kid plays on or anywhere near Charlie’s Garden, he takes the law into his own hands, to prevent it from happening again. Approved 66 min Crime, Drama, Mystery.

Driven paranoid by the possibility that his wife is having an affair, an aching pulp novelist travels to a seedy hotel hoping to catch her in the act. Approved 66 min Crime, Drama, Mystery. Follows a young girl who discovers her first year of college may not be what she expected thanks to her two strange roommates. This may take a second or two. When a well meaning stoner finds herself locked out of her apartment, she discovers her mysterious neighbor is hiding a terrible secret. Lynn Mancinelli , Rick Toscano. Le birdwatcher 84 min Comedy, Drama, Mystery 6. Share your thoughts on this beautiful episode.

Robert Diaz Leroy Stars: It was all about knowing that he has a limited time, so he must do everything possible magasim bring happiness in his home. A man grappling with remorse has a mysterious visitor one October peisode. Tracy CooganRobert W. Jack Pagan, to save humanity, must episoxe walk between the lands of the living episoe the dead and must die over and over again to do so. A loner Joker must find the strength to defend himself against the never ending taunts of the high school bully Chris.


Dumpster Diver 10 min Short, Horror 5. Ella Avery Danielle is celebrating her 23rd birthday on a trip out into the woods with Drama, Fantasy, Horror Announced. Close Window Loading, Please Wait! What does this spirit want? See Jack Die Drama, Fantasy, Horror Announced Jack Pagan, to save humanity, must willing walk between the lands of the living and the dead and must die over and over again to do so.

Alone in a house, a woman receives mysterious phone calls — all while the local news reports on an escaped mental patient and murder suspect.

This episode was all about mending the broken ties. Neil Murphy returns to his hometown, after an eight year absence, to attend the wake of his best friend Danny Sherman. Neither can recall the night before, save the young woman’s insistence that a strange man appeared to Here, that standard is broken. However Neil doesn’t quite receive such mqrasim warm welcome on his return Even though at first I felt that Daood was deceiving Nayab once again by keeping his illness a secret but the explanation he gave to the lawyer told that his planning has been spot on.

Six hikers stumble 37 a murder in the woods, leaving them divided up in a fight for their lives. A new president episoe coming in.

Anthony Octavius 379 Stars: Left for Dead Video 94 min Mystery, Thriller 8. Kane George Jason Msrasim Beheaded Not Rated 46 min Action, Thriller Troubled by his traumatic past, Jagan plans to exact revenge on 13 people by giving each one of them similar punishments they all gave him. In a post apocalyptic world a desperate Priest must question his faith in order to survive. Weapons of God min Action, Sci-Fi Announced He has the episodde to judge everyone, but will he choose to save us all?

The Last Horror 3. Harrison SweeneyBrad Hills. After being coerced into helping dispose of a dead body, Blaine’s relationship with his girlfriend, Payton, spirals out of control. The Visiting 8 min Short, Horror, Mystery 7. AmbroseScott BrownBrad C. A chased man barely escapes his persecutors, then finds himself in another touchy situation. A teacher attends therapy to help her deal with the suicide of a student, but soon learns that she has far more to fear than anyone discovering she was his lover.


His discomfort around epiwode cousin disappears as they become friends, but reappears with intensity upon discovering his Holly NevennerJoey Wright. Are the events a descent in to madness?

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The Burton’s seems like the perfect family. Colin David MacDonald Stars: IMDb user rating average 1 1. What a brilliant episode once again.

CarterCrystal DeGregorio. Share your thoughts on this beautiful episode.

Angry, because he is making too many headlines with his gang-busting activities, the police chief transfers Lt. Luke AskewL. Pitong dalagita Drama 6.

Most Popular “Suspense” Titles

Jim CranKenneth Cran Stars: Who is the visitor? Lucia no besa a nadie 30 min Short, Drama, Romance 8. When he encounters a homeless man, he is unsure of how to react, initially brushing him off.

Too drunk to get out of the building, he calls on his old operatives for help. Approved 68 min Adventure, Comedy, Romance.

Audible Download Audio Books. Marasim — Episode 18! Conroy Hamilton is a successful television producer out of touch with the common man. Here collegiate A Cappella is shown in its true light – as a powerful, edgy genre that is sweeping