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Amante and Alvira on the other hand were thrilled with this incident. The police officers are doing their best just to know where Gary is hiding but they failed because Gary is moving from one place to another. Vanessa was so mad about Christian’s suspension, after she talked to Mara she then talked to Mr. And so they finally knew the reason – Clara may not be their real daughter! Amante is going to investigate on the case personally so that Gary will be put to prison as soon as possible Amante Del Valle Bobby Andrews went home drunk and disappointed towards what happened to him. A letter is left by their burning house and named after Cristina.

So with Mara around, Virginia is worried for Mara’s parents. Mara told Amante not to worry about her, for she grew up poor. At school, Clara asks sorry to Mara making her believe she regreted the things she have done to her. Clara was so mad at them and tried to fight with them even if they are kids. Since Clara’s friends went to her party and was not contented also, they prefer going to Mara’s birthday party than staying at Clara’s place. Mara then asks the help of Clara for her to go back with her parents. Even thou Lupe is half paralyzed, she is so happy seeing Mara alive. And so with Susan,she don’t want to give Mara to them.

As for Gary David, who keeps on telling Clara that he is her father, she wants some proof and so David gave him a piece of his hair to have it DNA tested.

Maga first Clara hates Mara for being poor and stealing her spotlight in class. Mara tried calling her father – Amante telling him that she is now with her mother – Alvira and they are currently in Rizal. Clara and Claara both happen to go to the same school. Mara confronted Clara about this and Clara’s cruelness came out. So Mara and her mother left the Del Valle’s house and find a new place to stay. Clara then tells Gary that he must surrender for him not to be in danger because Clara don’t want her father – Gary to be dead.

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Alvira tells Amante that they must do something fast to put Gary to prison. As for that, Mr. Susan David Mylene Dizon can not stop herself from being worried about Mara and she also don’t want to lose Clara.


Shortly afterwards, Gary is sent to prison for another reason. So Gary asked some of his men to look for her.

Knowing that they must do something for them to escape, Mara and Clara is helping each other to have a plan. Going back with Clara who is having regrets to all the things that she had done, she returned the necklace of Mara.

When everything is revealed to everybody already, Gary will not stop until he can have Clara back in his arms. Clara can not believe that her father – Gary is risking her life right now but she is ready just to be with her father. Mayor Nathaniel then tells Susan not to worry on their expenses at the hospital because he will be the one to pay for it. Clara is so mad at Alvira because she is not going to take her with them migrating in Dubai. And how will everybody in that farewell party react to this incident?

Alvira made a deal for her new business with the Robles family and invited them for dinner. Clara then went to her room crying because her mother – Susan is protecting Mara against her again. Clara then asked Gary if he knew where her grandmother – Lupe is already.

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How will Mara and Clara escape ckara And as for Mara, when they met at school with Clara, she told her that once she is going to hurt her again then she will fight back. Clara is worried and so she went to see Vanessa and knew that Christian left her.

On the other hand, Clara David Julia Montes tells her father – Gary that everybody is speculating on her already. Carlotta can’t do anything but just to follow what her father wants. Clara then challenged Gary to see for himself that they are all there and Alvira is just pretending.

The judge agreed to what Gary’s attorney is asking and Gary hurriedly went near to his mother – Lupe. With this exchange of wealth, family, dignity and loved ones, will everything in Mara and Clara’s life be okay even with the new beginnings they are trying to fit in right now?


How Can Alvira and Mara Escape from the Evil Hands of Gary?

Clara then tells Gary that Lupe kept pointing outside and is trying to tell her something in which she could not understand.

How will Alvira and Amante fix their problem with their relationship?

Gary David went to Clara’s school to tell her that she is his father. Alvira Del Valle Dimples Romana is excited to see her daughter. While Alvira is going to answer Amante’s question, Gary David Jhong Hilario is there and so Alvira was forced to tell Maga that she doesn’t love him anymore. Clara David Julia Montes disagreed to the idea that she is going to help the family that has turned their back on her.

Alvira and her husband then spoke to Mara and warn her about Clara’s accusations.

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Someone saw Amante who is vlara lying on the floor and hurriedly brought him to the hospital. But Clara has another plan to win back everybody’s trust specially to Alvira.

With this, will Clara go home now to support her father’s happiness? Alvira tells Mara to be more careful this time since she knew to herself that Gary is behind Clarq incident.

Susan David Mylene Dizon knew about what Clara did and she is so disappointed with it. But when Alvira does, it becomes evident that Gary is still madly in love with her. Alvira and Susan David Mylene Dizon had an emotional reconciling each other to make everything alright. With eipsode thoughts that everybody is against her, Clara decided to call her father – Gary David Jhong Hilario.