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He seeks out Freud, determined to make sure he is not entirely forgotten. I remember being a kid watching this after school, and as soon as they called the main bad group “The Zakums” I kinda backed away. In an effort to preserve this childhood happiness, the citizens of Ludibrium asked the goddess Rhinne to stop the flow of time within the toy town. Notify me of new comments via email. Crystal Gates begin opening up all over Sanctuary, and Specters begin pouring out of them. Evan and Mir, meanwhile, continued having adventures.

The now-evil Black Mage strikes down the mercenary with ease and leaves the scene to amass an army. One specific Explorer awakens within a space between spaces, to a girl dressed in Maple leaves, who then flees out of a doorway in space. His soul is stuck on Maple World. Talk to Athena Pierce via lightbulb on the side of your screen. I started playing Maple around beta, and I came back around two years ago. Doing this quest allows you to create a Dream Key to enter Cygnus’s Chamber.

The world was born again under these new laws, and to govern life, light, and time there came to be three beings known as the Transcendents.

Phantom refused, as he was not a selfless, defend-the-peace-of-the-world type of guy as the others were.

Stan’s Stoyrline is a quest item that only drops while the quest is in progress. But she was too late, the Black Mage invaded her temple, imprisoned Rhinne, and split the child into two beings to further weaken her.

Hazard notices the Nova Royal Emblem that Cadena had with her and notes that the High Flora would love maplestoey know about the princess still being alive, attempting to blackmail her into giving him the parts to complete the device.


Shade, after a teary farewell with Moonbeam, leaves for Maple World, where he discovers that no one remembers him as a result of his curse. Kill Mutant Tirus. He awakes on an island thanks to a monkey, and discovers and older marooned man named Cutter.

Cheery Book is a quest item that only drops while the quest is in progress. Submit a New Guide. I always thought it was an alternate universe. Grendel then orders Lily to restore mapleatory memories of the explorer, and the explorer continues to stay at the school.

The answers are, in order: Arby leads Chase to the other members of the Critter Champs, where they band together to go on an adventure as friends. This is the rise of the Maple Alliance.

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Everything clashes with everything and there’s pretty much no sense in to what goes where. The Rumor A pop-out will appear once you reach level I maplesotry there was a quest? Became an Archer and helps protecting Maple World. What point in the timeline does MS2 take place?


When you have done the quest. This results in a violent civil war, in which the High Flora are victorious and the Verdant Flora are driven further into duture.

I guess every company has a few mistakes: All goes well, until the school bully targets the explorer and attempts to beat them up, but before he can, a mysterious voice mapletsory to him, knocks him out, and summons a large monster. Note, Neinheart takes the Dream Fragment away, so if you want to keep it, it’s advised to skip this quest.


Kill 20 Swollen Stumps. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The goddess agreed, and time was stopped.

Rhinne, able to foresee her fate but unable to alter it, created a child, Zero, to prevent the Black Mage from obtaining her full power. As the story goes on, the explorer learns that these monsters are a manifestation of negative storypine, called Motes, and larger ones caused by powerful negative emotions, Troublemakers.

Whats is the story of quotGATE To The FUTURE?quot

The Verdant Flora go into hiding and eventually develop a way to combine magic and technology to regain their wings.

A powerful mage known as Freud, gifted not only with magic but also the friendship of Afrien, the leader of a particularly powerful species of dragon known as the Onyx dragons, sets storypine to oppose the Black Mage. Notify me of new comments via email. The Maplestort Member collects the scattered memories and learns of a spring hidden in the mountains of the Extinction Zone, across the Lake of Oblivion.

The explorer travels ersve Sunset Park in the Other World to find none other than the student teacher, who not only remembers the explorer, but also reveals that he has the ability to summon Troublemakers. Page Top Home 1 2.