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Manahil agrees and asks Salahuddin to take her to Mikaeel one last time. Retrieved 20 September Manahil’s father recovers slowly and ask for Manahil, to which her mother consoles him saying that Mikaeel has taken her home. Retrieved 7 September Retrieved 26 January Retrieved 6 September

Sign in to vote. Later, series take another leap of three years with Manahil pregnant with her second child. She gives unconditional love to others and expects the same for herself,”. So Mikaeel asks her mother to refuse this proposal. Salahuddin tries to make her understand that this marriage will bring good to her and both reconcile their memories. This cannot be blamed on actors because the script is unoriginal. From its eighth till fifteenth episode Mann Mayal averages 2.

Retrieved 3 August Jeena picks up the phone and later, develops a relation with his mother. There she finds out about Jameel and Salahuddin. Salah-ul-Din parents become worried when they see Salah-ul-Din taking care mahn Manahil and avoiding Jeena.

Mann Mayal – Episode 1

But seeing Salahuddin sacrifices and gratitude towards children, Mikaeel feels guilty over his mistakes and instead ask Salahuddin to take care of Manahil and children. But Manahil denies saying that he only cares about her. April 23, 28 May televised. The Characters are very impressive, in fact i was so effected that i was hating Ayesha Khan Jeena throughout the episodes, and still have that hate for her.

He also says that she is the reason his parents are dead. Tensions between Salahuddin and Ifti rise when Cookie often deliberately blames Salahuddin, who makes a deal with Cookie to take care of Rehman on his own.

Salahuddin and Rehman start to get to know each other and they soon develop a close bond. Salahuddin asks Jameel for help in luring Mikaeel out of vull gambling habit once and for all, looking at Manahil’s deteriorating condition.

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Jeena warns Jameel not to contact Manahil again, which he ignores. Retrieved 22 March Manahil’s parents find out about them and whole family dispute over whether Salahuddin is worthy of Manahil or not. Manahil’s parents call her and she tells them about what happened to her and tells them that she doesn’t have the money to return home, so she is staying at Salahuddin’s.


Jameel rushes into house to save Manahil and children who was informed by other servants, Jeena kann locked them up earlier. Sara confronts Manahil and warns her that their family will never accept her relation with Salahuddin.

Mikaeel confronts Manahil for telling his parents about his gambling, to which she denies. Salahuddin suffers a heart attack and undergoes surgery, she confesses her love for him and blames herself for destroying the lives of those who came near her.

The series was officially decided to film in late tillhowever creative head Momina ,ann decided to release it in along with few other shows to improve epissode position of channels Monday, Sunday and Tuesday slots for its future programming, as a result Director Haseeb Hassan and production house delayed the ongoing shoot of their series Sanam.

Salahuddin tells Manahil that they should not talk to each other and Manahil should only think about her husband and he needs to move on for his career. Jeena meets Manahil, where she create misunderstanding between Manahil and Salahuddin and also reveals that Salahuddin spend a night at Jeena’s house.

Manahil runs to leave the room, only to end up being caught by him. This is best drama serial of all time After seeing Rehman’s condition and knowing that he has cancer, Salahuddin decides to stay to take care of him but Ifti denies, however his wife agrees and gives all responsibilities of Rehman to him.

Retrieved 15 March By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Riaz discouraged the introduction episodes saying Just three episodes in, I have to say that I, for one, am heavily disappointed.


Great acting by all the cast. Jamil calls Manahil and informed her that Salahuddin is being taken for surgery. Manahil’s family plans to invite Mikaeel, and her father calls him, but he misbehaves with him. Salahuddin warns Ifti, that he better pray for his father’s life. Manahil, at night, calls Rabiya.

Rabiya confronts Salahuddin that he “loves” Manahil to which he responds that they will never accept this relation due to their “social class” difference.

In Januaryiflix contracted Hum Network and picked few commercially successful seasons where they picked rull entire season of Mayal Mayal on a subscription basis. I just love this drama, I hope this will be the best one of all time in Pakistan. Salahuddin tries to move out of his friend’s house when he gets yelled at by Cookie to do his chores himself rather than from her servant Jameel and keep distance from Ifti.

Salahuddin’s father became concerned when he sees Salahuddin taking care episore Manahil and tells his wife to accept whatever decision Salahuddin will make for his life. After Salahuddin’s successful operation Manahil leaves for Hyderabad without seeing him. He visits her where she shuts the door after seeing him, she asked him to go and reminiscence how once she left her house for him and he didn’t open the door and complains how he ruins their life, Salahuddin then apologizes to Manahil for not making right decisions and both reconcile proclaiming their love for the one last time.

Retrieved 10 February She later calls Salahuddin as she recalls the time when Salahuddin said to her that she can remember him anytime she wants.