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Lists with This Book. After the death of his grandparents this retired recluse has a circle of friends and contemporaries GNab I received a free electronic copy of this novel from Netgalley, the heirs of Henning Mankell, and Vintage Digital in exchange for an honest review. I take my hat off and bow down deep for the Maestro of our times. En Mankell zou Mankell niet zijn als hij niet ergens een recent probleem aankaart; de asielzoekers. Mankell died just months after her completed “After the Fire”. The other major event was the burning down of his beloved house during the night, from which he escaped with what he was wearing, and his lifetime’s belongings were consumed by the fire.

Und er liebte das Publikum. I read this book with great melancholy and sadness. I totally “get” Mankell like few other authors, and only wish he lived longer because his writing is terrific and improved as he aged. Investigating authorities are equally clueless about the cause of the fire. Louise and her new family from Paris are coming to live with him. Das Buch ist sehr melancholisch, es dreht sich um das Altwerden, um die Einsamkeit und um den Tod aber auch um einen Neuanfang, der sich immer lohnt, egal, wie alt man ist.

Knowing that this was the very last Henning Mankell story made this a bittersweet read for me. Mit Welin hat der Autor einen Charakter erschaffen, der nicht nur sympathisch ist. The mystery of the arsonist is finally solved, but abscied motivation is left unexplained, yet somehow this is satisfactory in avoiding the typical neat conclusion In addition, After the Fire is Mankell’s final book and was published posthumously.

It is full of minutiae, and rambling thoughts. It is wallamder second novel to feature retired surgeon Fredrik Welin, who lives on one of a group of small islands off the eastern Swedish coast. It is melancholy and very de I have read all of the Kurt Wallander series.

Somebody’s playing with matches and although Fredrik is not a cop he has an inquisitive mind and a bad habit of snooping around. While I am a huge fan of the Mankell’s Wallander series, this is nothing like them in that there is not a crime in the Wallander tradition. He and Ian Rankin are my favorite authors.


He has nothing left apart from a boathouse, where he had set up an improvised surgery, a caravan belonging to his daughter, Louiseand a boat.

He freely admits to his less than honourable deeds but never attempts to justify them; as well as fim dismissing his occasional acts of decency and generosity. Just a moment while we sign you mankellss to your Goodreads account.

The home that had been built by his father was destroyed. Yet ffilm the diary of someone you know and love, you keep reading. He has nothing left apart from a boathouse, where he had set up an improvised surgery, a caravan belonging to his daughter, Louiseand a After the Fire by Henning Mankell, translated by Marlaine Delargy, is not standard crime fiction and although there are crimes committed they are not the main focus of the book. While, perhaps, better known for his Kurt Wallender mysteries, Mankell has here added another well-written and -thought-out novel to a long list of other books he penned.

Filj Welin is turning After some clever red herrings he will get to the bottom of it and realize who the arsonist is. James Horner wurde nur 62 Jahre alt. Books by Henning Mankell. There is also hope. The narrator, a retired physician, Fredrik, lives on an isolated island off the coast of Sweden. Er zit door de brandstichtingen ook een drupje thriller in, maar dat is het noemen bijna niet waard.

All the amnkells in this story were so relatable. With his characteristic antisocial tendencies, Wilen resists, yet still finds himself surprisingly drawn to her with emotions he had given up hope of ever experiencing.

The character Fredrik is a seventy year old retired doctor, actually forced out of his career by a surgical error. The events of After the Fire take place about eight waloander later when Wilen is in his seventies.

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I highly recommend them to lovers of excellent, entertaining fiction! The original title for this book translates as Swedish Gumboots and Fredrik’s quest to find a replacement pair runs manjells a leitmotif throughout the book. Both Lisa and Fredrik have odd personalities—volatile and suspicious loners. It is the story of a 70 year old man.


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Fredrik’s house is destroyed by fire and he only narrowly manages to escape wearing fil old coat, pyjamas and two left-footed gumboots. Zo enthousiast als ik eind september nog was, met het vooruitzicht van een nieuwe Mankell, met zoveel droefheid haalde ik Zweedse laarzen half oktober op bij Lovink in Lochem, mijn huisboekhandel.

Bis zu seinem Tod im Dezember war er Ehrendirigent in Leipzig. Hardcoverpages.

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His lover is dead and his daughter Louise, whom he met when she was an adult, has a complicated relationship with her father. Yes, I solved the mystery well in advance, but there are so many little side stories that it didn’t matter to me.

For some, the side memories and stories that the character indulges in might prove strange but I found it made the character and his situation more complete knowing the life issues he had struggled with or taken joy from, as his years passed. He retired to a tiny island on which he is the only resident.

In Italian shoes the narrator, Fredrik Welin, seemed like a confused curmudgeon who went about his business dodging away from life and people.

And then off we go, learning about the people in the life of the year old man, who may or may not teach him about who burnt down his cherished home, built by his grandfather. Fredrik is devastated by what turns out to be an arsonbut even more so, when the local police suggest that he committed this painful crime.

The book is very readable and I gave it a lot of attention when there were tremendously important football games on TV, which I ignored to continue on in this novel. I am drawn to Swedish Crime literature.