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Member of Jemaah Islamiyah QDe. Other than this, the story is not a typical saazishi aurto wali kahani and has room for me to come out as a better actor. Retrieved 22 September Bosnia and Herzegovina Passport no: Manahil gives birth to a baby boy. Salahuddin tries to move out of his friend’s house when he gets yelled at by Cookie to do his chores himself rather than from her servant Jameel and keep distance from Ifti.

Abu Jihad original script: George East, Trinidad and Tobago alternative location as at Sep. Multiple terrorist training camps in Egypt and Libya. Yemeni national identification number , issued on 3 Jul. Jeena becomes more jealous seeing Salah-ul-Din caring for Manahil. His father pays his debt, but Mikaeel says he will return all the money to him. Son of Wanisa Abdessalam. Tuburan, Basilan Province, Philippines Good quality a.

Belgian nationality withdrawn on 26 Jan. Casablanca, Morocco Good quality a. Ismael De Vera Low quality a. Libya number Libyan Passport No.

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Saying goodbye to his parents, Manahil also leaves Salahuddin and went to Mikaeel. Convicted in absentia in Jordan for involvement in terrorist acts in Apprehended in July and in custody for trial in the United States of America, as at October Manahil finds out februry his father deteriorating and health breaks down in tears. Serving a year prison sentence in Tunisia for membership in a terrorist organization abroad as at Jan.

The leader is Mohamed al-Zahawi not listed.

Moroccan number F National identification no: Abou Wafa al Saoudi Nationality: As offacilitated activities for senior Pakistan-based Al-Qaida operatives. Retrieved 30 January Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Good quality a. Imprisoned in Sfax Prison on 5 June pursuant to an order issued by the Appeals Tribunal in Tunisia for joining an organization linked to terrorist crimes case No.


Manahil Aur Khalil : Manahil Aur Khalil Episode 51

Syrian Arab Republic Coastal area of. But seeing Salahuddin sacrifices and gratitude towards children, Mikaeel feels khalkl over his mistakes and instead ask Salahuddin to take care of Manahil and children. Manahil keeps knocking on Salahuddin’s house door, but without opening the door, Salahuddin, with a heavy heart, tells her to leave.

Abou Mohamed Salah Low quality a. Mikaeel calls Manahil and ask her that he wants to meet children. Mauritania Good quality a.

Rabiya gets married and shifts to America with her husband. Moreover, fifteenth-episode of series achieved highest ratings of 8. Russian Federation Passport no: Imprisoned in Egypt pending trial as of Sep. Tunisia number M, issued on 8 Sep.

Associated with Lashkar-e-Tayyiba QDe. Tunisia number M, issued on 28 Sep. Jeena consistently tries to impress Salahuddin. She then calls Salahuddin for help.


Retrieved 10 June Manahil finds out that Salahuddin has paid the dues of hospital and all the arrangements. However, Sheeba Khan of HIP lauded the series positively praising it script, Haseebs’s direction, Shuja’s background score, and acting – particularly of Hamza and Aiman Khan, she also praised for family orientation script saying, “that old, traditional feel is maahil to find in dramas these days Arbil, Iraq Good quality a.

Both fall in love kgalil Salahuddin refuses to marry Manahil due to their social-class status and due to fear of rejection from her family.


Jeena ask Manahil not to go in front of Salah-ul-Din parents. Syrian Arab Republic located in as at Dec. Doctor later told Manahil that Salahuddin condition is lethal and he can be put on a life supportdisheartened by their fates and feeling responsible for his condition she ask Jameel to take care of him and leaves. Qatari passport number issued on 3 May National identification no: Retrieved 21 August Saudi Arabia number F, issued on 30 Apr.

Leader and trainer of an Al-Qaida electronics and explosives workshop producing improvised explosive device components. Manahil tries to make Mikaeel understand who ful her that he wants to make this home a casino and throws Manahil, along with her children, out of the house.

Chief of operations of Lashkar-e-Tayyiba listed under permanent reference number QDe. After a one-year leap, Salahuddin becomes a successful businessman while Manahil becomes a mother of a baby boy.

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Tripoli, Libya as at Feb. Under administrative control measure in Tunisia as at Mother’s name is Kadeja Mansore. Epiisode deported from Germany to Jordan in Feb. Salahuddin meets Mikaeel and both share their thoughts about Manahil.

Cookie and Jameel mistreat Rehman while Salahuddin tries to help. Manahil’s parents find out about them and whole family dispute over whether Salahuddin is worthy of Manahil or not. Transferred from United States custody to Yemen in Nov.