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I picked up a couple of Yashica-Mats for the price of one shutter service. Late model Rolleis like the 3. As with the other Mamiya C series of cameras, the lenses are interchangeable. You can then advance the film to the first frame and the camera will lock the winding system when it it is in the right place and the number is on 1. You must log in or sign up to reply here. The Risks and Rewards of Geotagging. They were awesome and gave me a full refund, no questions asked. Excellent and comprehensive article.

I am just getting into the medium format game myself and hope that my shots turn out ok. As far as I can figure it is a C2. It doesn’t turn freely like my MAT does when the door is open, so initial alignment of the film and knob seem important. Yahoooo, it worked perfectly!! It depends on the condition of your camera though and some other factors such as is lens provided or is there any bumps and dents around the camera. I bought the C33 at a camera fair and I originally picked up a scrappy looking C2.

The Mamiya C22 was released in Each set of interchangeable lenses had its own shutter and iris diaphragm, this was not an entirely new concept but it was the first time it had mamiyxflex used on a TLR camera. Would you be able to tell me roughly how much it is worth as I am looking at selling it?

I prefer the C2 as it makes you slow down and use your brain. There’s also something of a thrill to be using a camera that uses no batteries, one that even has a 55 year old light meter that still works perfectly. Other great TLRs worthy of consideration: Yahoooo, it worked perfectly!! These timeless classics are the standard by which other TLRs are judged and they still command premium prices.


It has a red dot in the non-numbered area. It originally had film compatibility, but film was introduced a year before, so this model has removable back plate.

Help! How do I load a Mamiyaflex?!

There is also no switch for sheet films, which is not an issue for me. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The second problem with close focus mamiyaf,ex the Mamiya was the question of parallax error brought about by the vertical separation of the viewing and picture taking lenses.

Same problem with new-old Mamyia C2. I own a C and recently acquired a C2.

Very nice, well written article. The Mamiya C series is a professional-level series of twin lens reflex medium format cameras made in Japan.

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The further out it is the more light is needed so that scale lets you know how much. The Risks and Rewards of Geotagging. About hinghshen A Malaysian born Chinese boy flew km away from his home in yearleaving his family and his friends behind to further his studies. In practice, it’s straightforward. The frame number on the inner edge of the knob should be at the red dot. This was quickly followed by the C series which began in starting with the Mamiyaflex C.


I will post another post with the Mamiya C next. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. I DO have a dark room, still, but sometimes, I am truly in a rush!

Shooting Black-and-White Film in Medium Format | B&H Explora

Share This Page Tweet. It sounds complicated, but once you have done it a couple of times you are set. Late-model Gs with built-in CdS Hexanon meters are more expensive and they have plastic control dials. I’ve played with the lens lock hoping it was linked to the film wind, but there doesn’t seem to be any connection.

Shooting Black-and-White Film in Medium Format

The base of the camera has been redesigned with a longer flatter base eliminating the need for lengthy front feet. Dilm on by Peggy.

January 27, at 2: Make sure the meter you choose is a modern battery-powered type; older selenium meters are OK, but they generally aren’t sensitive enough to read in extremely low light.

Of course in smaller towns and citys the film probably still needs to be sent to someone who deals in size film.