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Notable because it was one of the only twin lens reflex models ever produced that works with interchangeable lenses, the camera pairs with a series of specialized Mamiya Sekor lenses, including two wide-angle, two normal, and three telephoto lens options. The right side of the camera no longer has the lens distance scale window. So i reccomend color transparency film for large prints. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Mamiya cameras. Are you handholding or shooting in a lower light situation? The lens coating seems to have decomposed somehow, resulting in a somewhat “foggy” apperance as shown above. So why should I stay with film? This lens gave me this image, for example.

This may be explained by the narrow field of use as well as the extraordinary retail price. Taken from the same position as all the 50, 55, 65, 75 Sekor images above. I’ve seen a number of mm black series lenses with the blue dot insert, just as I’ve seen many mm Super series lenses without the blue dot. But quite obviously, the Sekor Super is a good bit better. Neither the 6 nor the Sigma can look that far. Don’t underexpose – don’t f-up the processing – use a tripod – etc. Not knowing your frame of reference, I would say 20×24 prints will be really nice

Privacy policy About Camera-wiki. Recently i made a 1,25 meters by 1,25 meters print from an kodak EPP film. If you want more information on how it works, you can check its manual online.

Max print size from TLR?

The included 80mm lens also has gold rings. Anyway, I went to a gallery recently at looked at some 30X40 digitally produced c-prints from an RZ.


Stopped down a bit the performance improves significantly. Worth to wait, looks nice: They say a Rolleiflex is more refined and sophisticated, while their Japanese cousins are most often called clunky and raw.

The very last lenses from around can show mqmiya or more different colours, e. The one shown above also has the “blue dot” shutter lever. Thus, the two lenses cannot be swapped as with the other Mamiya TLR lenses. The detail is just unbelievable, no grain detectable. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.

Mamiya C330

It’s huge and bright and it feels nice when you use it. Today nobody can imagine hauling such a heavy and slow machine to any kind of sports event except perhaps for chess tournaments, but back in those days there may well have been sports photographers who used the beast. But Life happens and I sold the The butterfly looks mamija It would seem that many photographers had this lens in their bag but did not use it all too often. Articles lacking sources from December All articles lacking sources Commons category link from Wikidata Commons category link is locally defined.

Mamiya C Medium Format TLR Film Camera Body Only | eBay

Your name or email address: Later upgrades added letters again Cf, C f and S. From conventional printing I wouldn’t expect to go slze 18″ sq for something to hang on a wall. Working carefully, you could probably expect to resolve 50 lines per mm with decent contrast.

Mamiyq can make a a 12 x48ft billboard; and it can be total overkill in the requirement. At the very beginning there were several “Mamiyaflexes” with fixed lenses, but Mamiya quickly departed from the Rollei way of life by adding interchangeable lenses and the famous “C” letter.


Also that 35mm max. The other day I have done some shots to compare the Mamiya TLR wideangle lenses to their younger cousins, the mighty Mamiya 6 mmamiya and normal lenses.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This lens gave me this image, for example.

If you want to retain 7 lines per mm on the print, you can enlarge 7 times. These cameras have two lenses — with one lens you see the image and do the focus; and with the other lens, the camera takes the photo.

But the lens coating obviously was improved somehow. Timeless in Twin-Lens gear. Please login to leave a comment. Three years after I started this page, I felt it should be fun to know from where you all come from. I have printed a Reala neg to 20’x30′ shot with a Seagull TLR and I can put my eyes real close to the print and still see clear details.

A marvellous 80s model and an image of Neuschwanstein are also featured in this kamiya year old leaflet. The image is upright but reversed and needs a little getting used to.