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He has acted in most of his serials and he likes to play the character of a lawyer who comes to the rescue of the oppressed. Suresh 2 “Chakra” song modake moda beretere nodu tunturu nooraru Amele,, madhya dalli ondu T. Seetharam has written, directed, and produced plays, movies, and top-rated television series which have attracted millions of viewers. I hold it quite close to me since it has my name in it: Having been influenced by Lankesh and U. I do have kagga Hard copy, but i wanted one e-copy, to quickly refer while listening to it on Udbhava, that s why was looking for kagga lyrics. Or at least know where its hosted??

Hi Pratap, Thumba thumba dhnayavadgalu ee hadugaligagi. Nimma hattria “Preethi illada mele” du title song idya? I’m a huge fan of tht serial. Being away from home, she is missing out on them. He has acted in most of his serials and he likes to play the character of a lawyer who comes to the rescue of the oppressed. Hello, Can some re-upload Mahanavami Title Song. Nanige Seete, Mounaraaga serial hadugaLu bekagittu.

SeethaRam ravara enodu serial ithu, Probably yarigu nenapiralaradu. Living people births Kannada film directors Indian television directors Kannada people Male actors in Kannada cinema Male actors from Bangalore People from Bangalore Rural district 20th-century Indian male actors 20th-century Indian dramatists and playwrights 20th-century Indian film directors Film directors from Bangalore Screenwriters from Bangalore Wpisodes of the Rajyotsava Award Maththe aa haadannu kelalu bahala icche ide Hi Pratap, I have found only few serail title songs.


I was looking for “E Loka Sundara. May i request you to put in your site other kannada serial title songs also. There was a serial called ‘parvati’ I loved to hate back in the days!

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Hi pratap, Thanks for all the lovely Kannada TV serials title songs. Its a serial by Vaishalli Kasaravalli. He developed a concept of Samvadawherein he held organised meetings with his audience throughout Karnataka.

I episkdes trying to download them from a long time. Hrudaya antaralladi adagiruva novugalu noorentu nanna nalla bariya novugalalla bayada atankagalu kaduvitide nanna nalle.

T. N. Seetharam

He was Hanief mohommed or something. Mayamruga was one of my favourite serials. If yes, how can I get ’em? Seetharam decided to stay in Bangalore after completing his education, by participating in plays. Any Ekta Kapoor fans here?? I will be very happy if someone could provide me this bit song.

As somebody else also has noted, the serial ended with another stanza. The song used to be like this: Garva was directed by Prakash Belawadi; I had missed out most of the initial episodes of Garva and never got around to seeing the entire serial.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. I am looking for sadhane tele serial which used to be telecasted by dd-kannada at pm afternoon. Can someone please please please please upload Manthana Serial Titles song I was looking for maayamrga song for a long time!

I see that earlier in the blog people have requested the song from the serial Beladingalagi Baa titled: Saddened by his decision, his father, a patient, stopped consuming medicine and died shortly thereafter leaving Seetharam with guilt. Nimma yella haadugalige ananta ananata dhanyavaadagalu. It was very inspiring and i want to keep my first home name as “Sadhane” and want it in same style as in serial.


I think the Kannada channels realized only a few years ago that our appetite for soapops is so huge that however crappy the serial may be. I have a partial one on seerial PC, looking for complete song.

Hi, you have done a great job He completed his high school education in Doddaballapur Municipal School, Doddaballapura, and pre-university course in National College, Bangalore. He was also associated with the famous director Puttanna Kanagal and had written scripts for his malebill.

He then went on to direct Kamanabillu which was the first serial on a satellite TV to epizodes watched widely His association with ETV Kannada resulted in famous serials like Manvantara and Muktha.

eepisodes I had been searching for their title songs since a long time and managed to get them recently, courtesy Yamuna. Weekend With Ramesh – Episode 10 – August 31, Just a tune Harsha.