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Malazan Book of the Fallen reviews: View all 4 comments. Was it necessary; to whom actually can we prescribe this change in telling the story – this almost breaking of the fourth wall — and pinching the reader on his nose while doing so? May 06, Mike rated it really liked it Shelves: Works by Ian Cameron Esslemont. That’s not necessarily the same picture you have seen for the first time.

When he sold Gardens of the Moon , he agreed to a contract for an additional nine volumes in the series. But putting it up against all the other Malazan books it just fell a little short for me. Esslemont about Malazan world. Characters It may not be wrong to say that one of the biggest strengths of the series are its characters. Michael Page has done a decent job with this series since taking over from the equally good Ralph Lister. D Looking forward to re-reading it from the start note to self:

Yet, it is also maybe one of the most poetic and contemplative instalment, filled to the brim with beautiful turns of phrase and profound meditations. Their actions make sense within their own character context and nothing feels forced. These span from the small and personal boook to the immense and epic.

Toll the Hounds by Steven Erikson

The beginning of the end has been sparked and my journey within this gigantic series is very malazah to the end. What we did get were the viewpoints of other characters, be it his people or other races or even gods and ascendants, and their highest regards for him.

Over 8, pages and 3 years of reading.

Ssynopsis don’t even mind it might be bad if I get to see the overall story progress, it’s just that the Erikson books are such a damn time commitment I’m unwilling to do it in this case. To Write for Fantasy-Faction.

Imagine a world replete with a multitude of races, civilizations, realms, gods and magic systems and being thrust i Steven Erikson, in his Malazan Book of the Fallen, a series stretching to 10 books and pages, has created an essentially unknowable world into which viewers are allowed intermittent flashes. In an attempt to purge the last of old loyalties in a new empire, the 2nd Army – lead by Maoazan One-Arm – are thrown into one impossible mission after another.


An Overview of Malazan

If we prescribe it to Kruppe — then why now? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Their leader, Anomander Rake, thrusts them into conflicts into which they have booo involvement simply to stir them from despair. All in all, sure.

He seems so vastly different from the mzlazan of innocence that we knew back then and in this story he definitely shows his grit.

In contrast, however, the reviewer criticized the pacing as awful though noted that the climactic finale maoazan neatly done. The plot in Toll the Hounds seemingly digressed from the central arc of the Crippled God and was no less captivating because of it. For god sake, Harllo was practically Fitz plunged into the Malazan world, enough said.

Onto Book 3 – here, the pace seemed to pick up and I became excited. The sheer epicness The first major scene of the first novel starts with a siege being laid to a city which is defended by a city-sized flying castle. My faith was not rewarded. Even then, the Empire suffers severe losses, including the near total destruction of a legendary infantry unit in its 2nd army, the Bridgeburners.

An Overview of Malazan « Fantasy-Faction

Although there are several forms, one predominates in the books, and this represents an interesting mix of mystery and technicality. They’re necessary but not sufficient.

Now I am pained as to what to do next. In fact, a particular series of events may look entirely different malaan the POVs of different characters. Erikson has a way of befuddling the mind sometimes, and I found that syynopsis a lot to me in this book.

Shnopsis are again a ton of new characters, a complex story with no explained background. Sufficed to say it was a brilliant culmination of both characters’ eccentricities and seeing them play off against each other by itself was worth buying this book. I think this is another reason why TtH is so divisive among Malazan readers. One of the main characters in the Malazan series itself, though, is the world.

Want to Read saving…. But for most of us there is strength in a specialized society that can produce things like doctors and farmers boook glasses makers for us near sighted folks. You are always catching up, trying to make the barest sense of it all, just to remain in the story.


Then again, it took me three months to read due to lack of time so I guess I was forced to Wow, so that was the eighth book. In fact, Harllo was one of the few characters Erikson wrote that made me truly empathize with.

Allow me to close this review bbook a quote that will definitely stick with me for a long time. Like the majority of the fans said, the barrage of philosophies was so extreme that it almost damaged the entirety of the book.

Donaldson has also praised Erikson for his approach to the fantasy genre, the subversion of classical tropes, the complex characterizations, the social commentary — pointing explicitly to parallels between the fictional Letheras Economy and the US Economy — and has compared him to the likes of Joseph ConradHenry JamesWilliam Faulknerand Fyodor Dostoevsky.

Now, each novel has roughly only the cast of the HP series added every novel from the sixth one. However, as these characters converge by the end, it’s easy to see why Erikson included so many–and how could he have added more characterization to an already-long novel without overburdening it? The last parts of this book definitely redeemed this installment.

I also read this one quicker than any other Malazan book for whatever that is worth, literally could not put it It’s with a heavy heart that I write this review. The best fantasy series I’ve read.

The world feels real, with consequences some terrible and permanent and high stakes. We also meet Felisin, youngest daughter of House Paran, and the outlawed historian and one time Priest of Fener known as Heboric. Certainly, his work engages with philosophical issues: Hidden hands pluck the strings of tyranny like a fell chorus. Before talking about how the rest of the books started to pan out, I’ll add a note here on Erikson’s style in this saga at least.

The Tiles of the Hold are cast rather than read.