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Comfort — For my 7 inch wrist the watch fits exceptionally well and is very comfortable to wear. Stefan Vorkoetter November 22, Thanks Richard. According to company information, today they are one of the top three watchmakers in Russia. This is a very nice watch. Value for money This Poljot Buran produced is very well made, and the movement is right up there with the Swiss ones. The company also makes gold watches priced in the thousands. This is a series Amphibia, purchased new from Chistopol City in December.

I’ve swapped the strap for a black leather Poljot with deployant clasp, also purchased through eBay, and it’s a bit more comfortable, and stylish than the original strap. Terms of delivery for movements, wrist watches in cases and in case-bracelets made of stainless steel, gilt brass and titanium. Belgrade, , Yugoslavia My Photos: Maybe some time I’ll find somebody who can do it at a reasonable price The hour hand reaches to the arabic numeral hour markers and the minute hand is long enough to reach the outer minute markers. All times are GMT The company also makes gold watches priced in the thousands. December 19th, 1.

However in my daily usage I find that the watch accuracy is not a point revieww concern. The is the Russian made version of the Valjoux ma,time It keeps good time over the course of 24 hours, but gains 10 seconds during the day and loses them again overnight. I swore never to purchase from Alpha after having once purchased and returned a defective bezel insert from them, never to see my money again, but this one came up used, so I decided to give it a try. He was asking a very reasonable price, but restricting sales to Canada only, thus limiting my competition.

As time permits, I will write a more detailed review of each watch in watvh separate article. Links to eBay searches are provided in association with the eBay partner network. This watch comes with high quality wooden Strela case, Strela cleaning tissue and Strela leather strap.


An Overview of My Watch Collection

But when I got the watch, I almost didn’t let it go. The result is a one-of-a-kind watch that pays homage to the X without being a blatant copy. In fact, according to a article in Europa StarMaktime has become the leading manufacturer of gold wristwatches rview the Russian federation. To this I added a set of sword hands, and the result is a small by modern standards watch with a large dial, with excellent legibility day and night. As it turns out, this watch is popular among the DIY homage makers, so appropriate hands and a dial to fit Seiko watches are readily available.

After some e-mails back and forth with proprietor Julian Kampmann, I decided which model of Strela I wanted, and my collection began. Displaying 1 – 10 of 21 reviews Paginate left 1 – Current Page 2 3 Paginate right. The movement is actually produced on old – and upgraded – Swiss production equip ment. Typically, these are mechanical watches with stainless steel or titanium cases. The NXX is one of several analog-digital models sold by Pulsar at the turn of the century.

Gold leaf is used for gilding different surfaces, decorative elements of metal, wood and other materials for gilding domes, arches, wqtch, settings and plastered surfaces. Finding a good watchmaker who can do a cleaning and overhaul is getting to be a challenge these days, and when I found maktie, the cost was outrageous; MORE than what the watch cost me when it was new.

Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy and reliability, the information on this web page is presented without warranty of any kind, and Stefan Vorkoetter assumes no liability for direct or consequential damages caused by its use. It’s been 10 year s since it had one. Password Please enter a password for your user account. The screws are blued. JRMTacticalputraKisifer and 1 others like this.

The time now is Here’s another interesting model, from another thread, once owned by member “CCCP”, and now pacifichrono.

December 21st, 5. This speaks very highly of the movement IMO. Both new and vintage watches using the Not yet but hopefully someday it will.


6800 Maktime Chronograph Moon

But if you compare the movements, it’s easy revoew see too many differencies. Any other Swiss made chronograph with equivalent hand wind caliber would easily cost multiples the asking price of the Zeppelin. The Zeppelin brand is of German origin. Looks a lot like Incabloc type. Acoola Watch Shop – Aviator Poljot chronographs.

31681 Poljot MakTime

Watcg caliber with blue screws! Quick-set Mechanism Quick Date 1 Make watc h change date, just make sure the date changes, then you can use their quickset mechanism.

Since April ‘Maktime’ has been producing a limited line of exclusive watches and watches for individual order. The baguette-shaped pushers and the gracile crown Blue Stone resemble exactly the old Mxktime models.

The factory, founded inmanufactured wrist watches under the brands Zvezda, Zaria, Mechta, Unost and Vesna. I purchased this well mqktime example from an eBay seller in the UK, knowing from the excellent photos that I was going to have to service it.

The time now is Stefan Vorkoetter November 22, Where I can look for Mak Time watches with revie prices? Its modifications have additional functions: This is a series Amphibia, purchased new from Chistopol City in December. December 27th, 9. December 21st, 6.

Maktime Watches – Watch Freeks

If you are interested in co-operation, please contact: It is made of stainless steel with a polished finish. December 21st, reiew. This elegant hand wound mechanical chronograph caught my eye, but unfortunately someone beat me to it. Crystal — The watch is equipped with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal. This includes skeleton watches with precious metal cases sometimes decorated with precious stones.