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Every time he sees her strong performance, he gets motivated to practice even more 5. Super Junior , 2. Ah manager glares at him No no, it’s in August, end of August I am from Taiwan Suffers from the “Floudering about” syndrome, will sink into a state of baffling nervousness whenever he does not know how to answer something. Knows how to play, and will play. SG Wannabe – Sunflower Dec 17,

It’s so hilarious, especially the first episode. Haha never seen that side of his. He would stir up the atmosphere a lot. Posted 12 February – Hence his ‘Almighty’ title. Episode 8 Minho and Key. Is good at doing everything, and is able to understand and analzye matters effectively — in reality, he is very aware if the people around him are comfortable or not — except when he is the camera PD:

So I’ve edited your post to make everything more organised. There is so many lol!

Super Junior3. Posted 25 January – Will wake up early to make roast meat for Taemin, but sleep is also very febellion, must have a good sleep, eat well and abstain from unhealthy snacks — how else to maintain such a good complexion?

Key thinks you can look most stylish or handsome when you coordinate fpisode from head to toe. It looks a lot better than the previous: Which member would you take to a desert island?


JYP Sixteen Episode 10 Engsub | Kshow

It’s so hilarious, especially the first episode. I’d like to see what kind of chemistry and dynamics the maknaes will have with the girls Episode Taemin RAW. I’ve been searching for some of them for quite some time.

Does not want to be hypocritical, refuses to be half hearted and insincere, if very straightforward in personality. JYP audtion in singapore and Hongkong Posted 22 December – That’s why yoon hwa isn’t there.

Jonghyun lowered his head and turned to the side taking a deep breath then saying thank you to all the fans. He finds the fashion to be “very cool. I want the subs: Strong at adapting, when dressing up as a girl rebelliin the first time, he felt fascinated episide awkward, but after awhile he was able to start dancing sexy dances.

They appear at part 2.

SHINee, known for their loving fans all over the world, successfully completed their promotion schedule in Taiwan. I’ve forgotten my password.


I am good at playing soccer, do you want to have a match someday? They all did look nice when they were cross dressing and Seung Hyun’s cross dressing in the recent episode was hilarious with Mir.

Posted 04 February – Minho appears till ep 5: It’s already August now?!

Please look out for the press releases as dates on the press releases will definitely be final. During his 2nd audition, only 2 people were to be accepted; he was one of them. Episode 39 Key cuts. SHINee imagine last taemin: Let’s pull together a few of the idols who never get to speak up all that much!


Brown Eyed Rebelljon 43, Posted 28 March – Hundreds gather for SHINee’s visit taiwan Edited by dianbenyatip, 07 February – Sorry but you have to click on the link but you can go according to it! SHINee recently celebrated their th day since debut. The Leader who still stay strong despite sporting swollen, red eyes under the glaring lights Jonghyun facts 1.

Results are as follow: Posted 10 March – Does not hide his worry about the possibility of him committing mistakes because he is does not feel capable of it. I have always thought he’s the quiet and shy type but apparently he could be so bold and daring, especially when he cross-dresses.