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In the end, they created a comeback win. I Hate You, Daddy! If anyone has any info about S4, please share! Towards Your Dream Episode New Friends Episode 2. Goro comes in as pitcher.

Goro comes in as pitcher. Gibson catches the ball that the bat hit and dropped it,before getting up with all his willpower to throw a runner for an out. Himitsu no Otodoke Daisakusen! Over Fence Ultimate Otaku Teacher. Space Battleship Yamato Fafner in the Azure: Now with an injured Goro and a tiring Yamane, the question is which team can endure longer. As soon as he learns its Seishuu he decides to make a match-up between Kaidoh’s 2nd string and Seishuu.

Taiga is able to pitch into the 7th, until a line drive bounces off his wrist making him unable to pitch.

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Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. On his second game, his pitches started to go wild by the 5th inning. Uchiyama eventually joins in, and the last straggler joins. Uchiyama begins to come to morning practice.

Contagious Fighting Spirit Episode He is heading towards Fukuoka where he played baseball when he was a fifth grader.

Under the agreement, Mizuno would also use the Goro Shigeno character in other promotional events. Miho felt guilty about the incident, but Toshiya called her on the phone, and asked her to come watch the next game.

Imagine what reaction of the committee when an injured player make Kaido into extra inning almost by himself. Major episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates.


Call of Justice Yo-kai Watch: Anyways, big change next season. Seaaon rejects some offers to be the baseball coach and decides to return to Japan and keep playing baseball as a player specialized in hitting hitterrunning and guarding bases fielder. What is Egashira’s plan, and can Goro overcome it? Flame of Recca Dan Doh!!

During the game it shows Shimizu giving birth to their first child. Oh, Mayumura was recruited by the Oceans?

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Also just a side not, if he plays for the Oceans I’m actually kind of hoping that he will wear his own father’s uniform, msjor of sad seeing him disappear I mean that is realistiche was probably my favorite character.

BBCode Modified by busan, Jan 2, I am kind of glad Goro lost. Afterwards, he joins the Blue Oceans, and returns to being majo professional player and becomes a hitter, inspiring his daughter and his son much like his dad did. He returns to the field of the Mifune Dolphins, but when he arrives he By knowing his sister is somewhere in the audience, Toshiya felt he would be able to do his best.

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To Honda, his son and baseball are all he has left in his life; his wife had died 2 years ago. The two fo them will end up forever alone if Goro keep being so dense! How Goro became a southpaw, his memories will tell. Next Episode Previous Episode. Goro comes in as pitcher. Starting off after the events of Season 4, Goro Shigeno returns to Japan after the Minor League but not before stopping by Fukuoka to meet his old friends. The specific problem is: If Goro continues to pitch the way he is, he will throw out his shoulder and ruin any Go Goro, show us a knuckleball!


Immediately after they graduate middle school they are sent to Dream Island where they undergo 6 months of hard training.

The night before the match Apr 23 – Komori’s sprain will keep him from catching for a month, so ve rest of the team is forced to try and catch Goro’s pitches. Plus, his new teammates were pretty 2d. Abuse of the TV. Mifune is able to get out to a lead thanks to some errors by Taiga and Fuji. So ends the journey of Major Season 3. He requests shortstop be left for him, so Goro places Uchimaya at 3rd, Miyazaki at 1st, Fuji at 2nd, and the 1st year trio in gorro out field.