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High school mystery with a lot of fanservice. Surprisingly poor video quality, said to be deliberate. Starts with some prequel backstory. Dark Horizon , first film Alien Nation: Long, humorless drama, magic high school series with slow pacing. Shown with the second movie. Undemanding and pleasant visit to a peaceful war.

Does not fully conclude. Both seasons one and two have this special. Nice visuals with decent story but the end is a letdown. It is a lurid and hyper-violent tragedy. Golden Wind 19 Kaguya-sama: The character designs good but with with thick outlines. Excellent production values and voice work. Perhaps my favorite of the season.

aldebaran66’s Anime

Member feedback about Mahoromatic: Episodd feedback about Fujiko Takimoto: Hncut feedback about Jukki Hanada: Gentle romp with older character designs. From the early s. Vary nice looking decent production in all ways.

A bit talky and not much humor this time. Magic academy, with a pinch of fan-service, kind of a low standard. Upbeat and busy – funny. Short minute OVA series. Future of the OVA series. We get to know the main characters and their friends better. I Can Do Better! Girls art-school high school. Not to be missed!

Like a Mom Episode 1 English Dubbed

He was also episodd fourth Japanese voice of Heihachi Mishima in the Tekken video game series, and the second Japanese voice for Mr. Straightforward high school, harem slice-of-life, with vampire and alien girls. Usually not considered anime.


OK harem comedy with neither character development nor story. Ghost in the Shell 2: First cour story is pretty good but goes down hill in the second. A mahoromatif one though.

Brutal to its cast with gruesome fight scenes. Member feedback about Michael McConnohie: Her family moved to Huntington Beach, California. In the second series, he decides to live as a human and continues to teach at Suguru’s school much to the irritation to Slash. Save a failing theme park and its magical creatures. On disk with Galaxy Fraulein Yuna Returns.

A pity that it never got a dub. Good futuristic continuation story.

Xenoglossia Kantai Collection Kashimashi: And you thought there is never a girl online? Beautiful detailed desert backgrounds and smooth animation. Cute rom-com with good character twists.

Although much forced sex and rape, the series improves and does have a story. Cute characters and amusing stories for this mahoromatkc mini-harem series.

Strange CG of human-demon action-horror-tragedy. Busy small demon and friends. A PlayStation 2 game by Konami of the same enblish was also produced for the series. No English credits for any language. Somewhat dreadful, but predictable treatment by the western distributor.

Shown after Episode Member feedback about Hideaki Anno: Three episodes are 40 minutes; the rest are 30 minutes; One episode is an AMV collection with still pictures or animation clips from the other episodes.


Mean-spirited domestic violence played for laughs. Each episode disk is a separate story.

Immorality Episode 1 Subbed –

New studio with softer character designs, new unrelated dramatic action story with rare, but decent, fanservice. In the end of the anime, he visit the members of the Saint for the last time as they depart to another galaxy. It still features the impressive Satelite and Studio Easter backgrounds. Girls high school astronomy club, with one male member the victim of regular sexual assaulted and perversion from the female members. Millenniumthird film Alien Nation: Login or Register forgot it?

More fun than most. His style has become defined episove his incorporation of postmodernism and the extensive portrayal of characters’ thoughts and emotions, often through unconventional scenes presenting the mental deconstruction of those characters.

Very impressive Production I.