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By Bharatiya Janata Party Delhi views. Mahadev gets mesmerized to see a veena and recalls Sati by playing it melodiously. Tarakasur invites gods to the war. An elated Daksh boasts of being a proud father saying that he knew that Sati would never let down his principles. Dhumralochan attacks on the deities and they seek Maharshi Dadhichi’s help. But, questioning Mahadev’s silence over his insult, a furious Shukracharya – regrets not punishing Daksh. On the other hand, Bahurupa comes to kill Adishakti. Ganga desires to marry Mahadev.

Lord Brahma’s sons come and protest against Lord Shiva. The deities and Mahadev’s devotees have the kheer prepared by Parvati. Sati fails in her attempt to burn her arm in order to get rid of the mark. Sati gets astonished to see Madanike worshipping the shivaling. Rishi Kashyap and Revati protest Daksh. Nandi pleads Mahadev to calm down as his anger might affect Sati.

Parvati asks Mahadev to take her parents’ permission to marry her. Sati is firm to go to her father’s yagya and argues with Lord Shiva about it.

On 272 request, Daksh decides to relieve Sati of the elusiveness of the punishment, but Sati informs him about fulfilling the task given to her.

Rishi Atri is overwhelmed as Mahadev gives him the honour to perform the ritual as his father. Restless to meet Shiva again, Sati goes to Kailash.

He was, is and will always be in my heart to heal it whenever it gets hurt. He orders his soldiers to prepare for an attack on earth. To know Latest Fashion Trends follows us now: Will Mahadev be able episkde clear Andhaka’s misconception about him? Lord Shiva founds Sati’s last pind as Shaktipeeth.



Meanwhile, Rishi warns Daksh to marry off Sati at the earliest. Markandeya enlightens Dadhichi about Mahadev’s transformation into a human form and his desperation for Sati’s tragedy. On the auspicious occasion of yagya, both Mahadev and Daksh arrive to Brahma’s place. Prasuti is gratified to bless Sati. Parvati senses that Mahadev is angry at her.

Fearing an inauspicious condition, Madanike is scared to take Sati along with her. Madnike informs Sati about her departure but she asks Madnike not to leave her. Tarakasur is infuriated on his unsuccessful attempt in killing Adi Shakti. Lord Brahma becomes worried about its consequences. Filled with optimism, Sati decides to share her heart with her father unaware of the fateful consequences awaiting her.

Menavati apologizes to Parvati for hurting her sentiments and permits her to marry Mahadev.

Mahadev requests Him Naresh and his relatives to have food before leaving Kailash. Sati tells Mahadev that she does not need his support.

Nandi requests Sati to give up the idea of immersing the Shivaling. But Durvasa tells Narad Muni about his promise to his epiaode of not getting angry and curse anyone.

Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev – 29th July 2014 : Ep 722

Mahadev tries to enlighten Sati about the significance of contemplation in life. Her eyes become moist and she leaves for Kailash along with Mahadev. Sati reluctantly appreciates Jata and awards his great job.


They try to attack on her, but Parvati prays to Mahadev to rescue her. Menavati requests Mahadev to marry Parvati in his actual form. Parvati asks her to go to Kailash and supervise the preparations for the wedding. Rishi Gautam becomes disappointed with himself for not doing anything for the betterment of mankind. Meenavati rebukes Rishi Dadhichi and intends to go out of his Ashram for Parvati’s safety.

Prasuti is scared to think if Daksh constrains Lord Shiva to lose temper. Eventually, Jata gets furious and wants to leave Daksh Bhavan. Nandi realizes Mahadev’s reason of being desolated as he was separated from Sati. Withdrawn from the complexities of life, Mahadev smirks at Nandi’s question thinking about Sati, leaving behind the peisode life for Kailash.

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By Bharatiya Janata Party Delhi views. Sati’s deteriorating condition and her obstinate attitude towards fulfilling her punishment becomes a concern for Prasuti. Him Naresh misses Parvati. Mahadev deputes Nandi to take care of Parvati, but Parvati asks Nandi not to disturb in her sadhana.