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And descending from their cars, those bulls among Kshatriyas, the royal brothers, mace in hand, rushed furiously towards the cars of the foe. He then went to the old minister devoted to his father’s welfare and asked him about the cause of the king’s grie f. O tiger among men, I will today free myself from the debt I owe thee ,–the debt, O king, arising out of the food, thou gave st me ,–by casting away my life at the head of thy army. Answered Dec 31, King Suvala at first hesitated on account of the blindness of the bridegroom , but taking into consideration the blood of the Kurus, their fame and behaviour, he gave his virtuous daughter unto Dhritarashtra and the chaste Gandhari hearing that Dhritarashtra was blind and that her parents had consented to marry her to him, from love and respect for her future husband, blindfolded her own eyes. This blogs helps to find the various category of videos which available in youtube. And fixing his abode in a delightful and hilly region overgrown with huge sala trees, on the southern slope of the Himavat mountains, he roamed about in perfect freedom. So my opinion to all, stop comparing and learn what Vaasudev Krishna taught us via both the serials.

This episode did not show the true facts on how Ganga a spouse of Santanu first approached his old father Pratipa and how Pratipa sent Ganga to Santanu. The new Mahabharat focused on more of dilemas, perceptions and expressions. Mistakes This episode showed that Ganga and Santanu were cursed by Brahma in a past life. He, as commander-in-chief of Kaurav’s army, was trying to show the destruction a war could cause to the throne of Hastinapur alongside pleading to Duryodhana every single day to end this conflict and make peace with Pandavas. How accurate is the Mahabharat showed by Star plus? About Us The Video which we post in our blog is not belongs to us. We were not just ‘told’ the story, we were ‘shown’. In this song the word used is Kshatriya and in original shloka, it is Brahmanya.

Their blindness could not be attributed much to war as much as their deafness and ignorance. Obviously with advances in Technology new Mahabharat will have better special effects ,set design,cinematography,sound mixing and editing. From the point of VFX used and other set up of the new one gains a point but looking at the time it old one was made, the old one is best in all respect.


In this episode it is shown that Bhisma finds out about the truth of Satyavati mahabjaratham Santanu through the charioteer of Santanu. O tiger among men, I will today free myself from the debt I owe thee ,–the debt, O king, arising out of the food, thou gave st me ,–by casting away my life at the head of thy army. Jab adharm aur anyay ke birudh gandiv uthta to uska pratikar koi nehin kar sakta na dron na bheesm na karn.

We’ve diffrnt opinion regarding Karn and Arjun in matter of greater archer and warrior but when we talk about greatest then everyones opinion is same.

We just share video which available in youtube. And Gandhari was received with great respect and the nuptials were celebrated mahabharayham great pomp under Bhishma’s directions. It is for these reasons that Karna is known as Vrisha. Nenjam Pesuthe Episode STM is more for new Audience and tries to connect to new generation by explaining things more logically‚Ķ.

But in reality Sakuni did not care about who his mahabbaratham married. Why, having done what is disagreeable to those two, viz. There are few actors, who played their role in BRC Mahabharata were greateven everyone was far better then StarBharata. The new Mahabharat focused on more of dilemas, perceptions mahzbharatham expressions. I want the culture of all lands to be blown about my house as freely as possible.

Karna’s one name was Vrisha.

Everyone has right to watch any version of the Mahabharat as per their visual satisfaction. Mahabhaaratham dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has a lower price. His desire was not Hastinapur throne rather complete destruction of Pandavas as he knew even if he be made a king, his actions would give reasons for laughing to Pandavas every other day. And as the damsel lived entirely in the apartments assigned to the maidens and carefully concealed her conditionno one except her nurse knew the truth.

Characters In BRC’s mahabharat only major characters were highlighted but in Swastik’s mahabharat nearly all characters were highlighted.

What was the audience response of Mahabharat Star Plus? How would you rate the recently concluded TV series ‘Mahabharat’? In episode of Mahabharat, aired episodr 8th AugustSahadev kills Shakuni Yudhishthir engages Duryodhan in a duel.


Kshatriya Satyawadi Cha Tapasvi – Suryaputra Karn Bhajan – VideoClip

Updated Dec 16, How accurate is the Mahabharat showed by Star plus? As thou seekest to slay meI shall certainly send thee to the abode of Yama. Chopra’s Mahabharat and Star Plus Mahabharat. What are some mind blowing facts of the Epsode TV series by B.

Only king Suvala cared about the blindness.

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But it may have happened during that time as no woman would marry a man without having a single conversation and falling in love, especially who is sister of lord krishna. And from his two arms issued Sankarshana and Dhananjay a. Indeed, O king, thy son then looked resplendent like a golden cliff.

But they taste amazing and cost less than produce in stores. And beholding the restoration of the extinct line of Santanu, the saying became current in all countries that among mothers of heroes, the daughters of the king of Kasi were the first; that among countries Kurujangala was the first; that among virtuous men, Vidura was the first; that among cities Hastinapura was the first.

Gautam rode as Suryaputra Karn Telly Inside 3 years ago. This episode spent almost 40 minutes on just discussing about the vow that Bhisma took, wasting time and making it overly dramatic.

SO BRC’s mahabharat was more popular and connected to the rural audience. Nitish Bhardwaj played the role that is hard to replace and best to date.

And that damsel of excellent hips from fear of her friends, concealed her conceptionso that no one knew her condition. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future.

Sakuni, the son of Suvala, bringing unto the Kurus his sister endued with youth and beauty, formally gave her away unto Dhritarashtr a.