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She is asking Victoria forgiveness for her father. Chloe states that she has moved on, but deep inside, she still has feelings for Caloy. Her new name, thanks to her father, is Gelai Agustin. Gelai and Victoria are spending time together and Chloe joins them by showing them some of her mother’s letters from Manuel. After Victoria leaves, Gelai visits him by giving him a dish and then the two sleep together. Neil Olaguer is very impressed with Chloe’s talent in photography and accepts her as part of his workshop. As Louie was about to pick up Victoria to meet with Gelai, he suddenly collapses and Victoria rushes him to the hospital, where he later dies of a brain injury.

The third season of Doble Kara consists of Kara and Sara’s lives and how they will start to get affected because of Lucille’s aggravated revenge in seeking justice for Antonio’s death. Later on, a rejected Louie, along with Gelai went somewhere to celebrate his victory along with his supporters and coach. Victoria orders Gelai to make a dress for her for the V Label launch. Chloe gets a heartbreaking letter from Caloy stating that he has to go to America with his mother and cries miserably. Vera promises to get Markado not knowing that Markado is really Louie. Louie is given an offer by Alexander Jacobs to pursue boxing in the United States.

Manuel then arrives and saves Vera first, followed by Gelai.

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Victoria is accepted as member of the fashion guild. Feeling frustrated over Gelai, Caloy goes to the underground boxing warehouse and Chloe follows him there to stop him from fighting. Vera gets offended by this and leaves, making her and Manuel decided to let Victoria take over the company. But after a few days, Gelai understands why Markado doesn’t want to fight so she decides to leave. Victoria denies it and Louie also denies it heavily.


She takes over the creative director position and begins to criticize Gelai’s designs and later tells her to design a dress for her upcoming ‘V Launch.

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Meanwhile, the Suarez family continues to struggles while Lucille constantly plans schemes against them along with her accomplice, her half-sister, Alex Acosta, who wants her inheritance in exchange.

Gelai Bea Alonzo overhears from the critics that Vera couture is in need of an associate designer. It’s the day of the wedding and Telederye encourages Hermes to be there, walking Gelai down the aisle.

Vera eventually returns home and notices that Chloe and Caloy were about to kiss and immediately separates the two apart. Caloy gets beaten up badly and Chloe, Louie, and Gelai try to stop him from continuing to fight. The first episode starred Jennica Garcia and Mart Escudero.

Victoria comes in for work in Vera Couture with her red stilettos. Later, Gelai walks makaribal a grave seeing her mother’s and her real name inscribed on it unaware that Victoria is in there, hoping to reunite with her sister. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Member feedback about Kadenang Ginto: Member feedback about Precious Hearts Romances Presents: The fifth season of Doble Kara focuses on the search of Kara’s daughter Isabella, and how several secrets will be exposed when Alex continues to manipulate the family.

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Victoria announces her pregnancy to the media and wants Louie to marry her to raise the baby, but Louie decides that he’ll still marry Gelai.

Both inquiries concluded that the Philippine officials poor handling of the situation caused the eight hostages deaths, rolando Mendoza graduated from the Philippine College of Criminology with a degree in criminology, joined the Philippine National Police force as a patrolman, and rose to become senior inspector. Victoria Gretchen Barretto is enjoying the rural life where Louie used to leave.


Gelai and Markado share a spicy rapport, and even the local townspeople can see that they have chemistry with each other especially following a drunken dance. Add Image S1, Ep Victoria Gretchen Barretto and her foster father migrate back to the Philippines from Paris and she intends to be the new fashion queen of the Philippines replacing Vera, the woman she blames for her family falling apart.

Member feedback about Ikaw Lang ang Iibigin: Teleserye is rooted from two Filipino words: In the evening, Victoria clandestinely hires a man to investigate on Mark while Gelai talks to Louie and tells him that she’s breaking up with him.

August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Louie telezerye to apologize for showing up to the fashion show unannounced even though it was Vera’s plan to humiliate Victoria. Caloy isn’t sure if he wants to go to the party and he goes anyway by the time Gelai was about to blow out the candles on her birthday cake, which was carried by Louie.

Gelai finally arrives magkaribwl the hospital where she finds her mother, Sonia.

Manuel and Vera realized that it was Victoria’s plan to take over the company and not Christian. With a humble beginnings as a seamstress, she is currently a budding designer with dreams of becoming a top designer.

Anna confronted Vera that resulted in her leaving her unable teleserhe have children. Manila is a weekly anthology of inspiring stories. Paul eventually leaves for good.