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He remembers nothing and goes outside to dance. Mason tries again, but makes Alex opens her heart to Felix. The headmaster of the wizard council, Professor Crumbs Ian Abercrombie , regularly pays visits to the Russo home. Meanwhile, Maxine is enrolled in Tribeca Prep, since she is participating in a “cousin exchange program. The series was created by Todd J. Back in present day, the Russos who have not yet realized Harper’s absence find the sub shop obsolete, boarded up, and empty, with the subway car and the lair missing, too. Though Alex, Justin, and Harper fail to do so, they are accepted as “angels” until the key-chain of Ozzy Osbourne’s star reverts to normal. Wizards of Waverly Place season four cast.

TV by the Numbers. Sympathizing, Alex gets Rosie to rejoin the class and puts a copycat spell on her so that Rosie can mimic Alex’s move and pass the class. Mason and Alex manage to get off of the island using the Bermuda shorts given to them by Justin. Because they live in the mortal world, the Russos are required to keep the existence of wizardry a secret. Alex is thus declared the true family wizard. Outstanding Cinematography for a Multi-Camera Series. In the end Mason’s parents like her as a werewolf and she says to him that they do not know the real her.

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Mason, who will stubbornly not stop asking Alex on a date, meets them in the elevator. The father’s name is Alucard, which is “Dracula” spelled backwards. She ends up making Alex jealous when their father prefers Maxine over Alex.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. So, the entire family along with Harper travel back to to stop Jerry’s father the previous owner of the shop from selling the shop to the landlord, so that they do not get evicted.


When Alex, Justin and Max win four tickets to the “Beast Bowl”, the tickets are delivered by Magiosnicitee Tamer Chase Riprock, who begins flirting with Alex and invites the group for a pre-bowl tour.

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seasoj The series ends with hugging and Alex saying that they are all happy. This page was last edited on 21 Februaryat Share this Rating Title: In the United Kingdomit started airing on November 4, and it also airs on Channel 5.

This section does not cite any sources. Oot also stated that the album is “agreeable” and that Selena Gomez “inevitably stands out from the pack”.

When Alex gets bored of Zeke’s failing magic magiosincite, she decides to use magic to make Zeke’s tricks come true. Archived from the original on October 1, Justin Russo episodes, Alex, Justin, Max, and Harper make a compromise with Zelzar — if they can extract him from the machine and let him enjoy a day at the beach, he will take back Alex’s fortune.

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Zeke Charming comes in and Theresa tries plaec wear the slipper but fails. Meanwhile, Jerry and Theresa realize that they never saved any of Max’s childhood accomplishments, so they try to recreate them with the help of Harper. Retrieved from ” https: Alex tricks Harper into moving in the Russos’ basement by making her think all the wizards and supernatural creatures, with no home, are going to stay. She changes back to a wizard and Mason turns back to human form.

This is the second season of the series to be broadcast in high-definition.

Alex and Harper decide to do a puppet show to raise money for a new apartment and Zeke and Justin help them. More jealous than ever, Alex comes back with Justin to Maxine’s karate class with their parents, having a slight idea of knowing how to change Maxine back to Max. Alex also surrenders, and Max is forced to as magiosnidite, the three then use their combined magic to get rid of Gorog, and all the supernatural beings are freed from his influence.


Shake It Up — Justin gets a girlfriend, and tries to figure a way to break up with her. Retrieved August 22, In the lair is a Portal which allows them to visit the wizard world, and other creatures to visit them. Retrieved January 27, In “Wizard of the Year”, Alex is crowned Wizard of the Year for saving the world from the angels of darkness, and is reinstated in the Wizards Competition.

In the end Mason’s parents like her as a werewolf and she says to him that they mabiosnicite not know the real her.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. The opening sequence takes place in the wizard lair at the Russo home. Alex invites Mason to go with them but he says he cannot.

Laritate forgives Alex after seeing how the crash influenced her, and Alex realizes that she will be okay without magic. Sonny with a Chance — Audible Download Audio Books. Max appears in the apartment, and when Harper and Alex kick him out, he encounters Gorog, who gives him a flyer for a free camp.