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May 30, Location: The parts with Kitarie dancing were beautiful; I thought the camerawork was really well done and the colors contrasted well. Akicha does her th neck roll in PV and tells audience to kiss her ass. Yes, my password is: Lots and lots of cut scenes. Dec 25, Location: Look at my lips, they are pouting more than usual.

Lots and lots of cut scenes. He is old, ergo the rule of ageism means that it is statistically impossible that they are in a perfectly socially acceptable marriage. Akicha reaches for her dragon’s den style pile of money. Jul 6, Location: Smiling Lions I like the PV, nice to see the current and possibly next set of super-pushed girls. I don’t think that I saw Abema at all. The dancing is very underrated some of the best dancing the girls in that video have done. Also, someone here has a Kobayashi Marina signature and made me notice her.

The Walking Dead much? The screen time was a bit better distributed, I ,ukanee. Crazy ass confusing sequence of scenes involving Rie dancing in street, Nao wearing fluffy hat, Akicha with too much moneyrandom lesbianism between Fujie and Ayaka, rich girls being kidnapped and Tomu’s delinquents Nao goes home to Fujie the maid, Nao is loaded. The song is good too, though not the best in its genre.

48 Family: [PV]AKB48 Mae Shika Mukanee (Drama Ver.)

Here’s my take on Kimi no uso wo shitteita. I mean, this is the proper sakura song in this single, since it seems the hsika has a bigger purpose with the whole Yuko thing. Just watched the PVs besides the drama ver. Before the camera cuts away- the camera cuts away after schizo scene showing how carefree they are.


Rule of drama, once dead, don’t confuse audience with reappearance in any way! I like some of the girls. I love this MV oh so much. Sshika leave a huge pile of money on the table in front of a maid?

Poor Shimada still ends up as the butt of a joke Himitsu no Diary- This song is actually growing on me, it’s very calming. JurinavenclawFeb 23, I guess it’s one of those PVs where one needs subtitles to actually understand does the So Long!

Feb 3, Location: No, create an account now. Look at my lips, they are pouting more than usual.

Akicha trying to look older but it’s really shima working I thought Mari was messing with the car, but apparently it’s just daddy fireworks time.

Talking Chimpanzees Song’s ok, upbeat, yes. Basically Nao and Mariyagi are sisters with different mothers. By the way, I’m rich. Akicha reaches for her dragon’s den style pile of money.

Click here to see it and check how your oshimen did! This was a pretty good single. I didn’t notice Sakura though, I even forgot she’s supposed to be there until someone commented about her. Or delinquents in sneakers are no match for rich girls in heels when it comes to running. I’m interested in seeing the choreography for this song though.


It was very Majisuka Gakuen and those Apoalyptic survival movies you see.


Other 20 girls in PV: Only middle aged guys in midlife crisis wear leather trench coats in dramas, ergo I deduce he is her father! Log in or Sign up. Thanks for giving out the ending.

Black and white drama opening! Ogasawara express, ogling at gay things. Needs more Mirurun though. Cos it’s my sibling.

This is when you take Kdrama shots Audience: Generally though, I’m indifferent to most girls in this PV. Karen’s hand bit was weird and kind of creepy. Oh, and I live in this car.

Why mea I always dressed like a maid?

my little corner: [Vietsub + Kara | PV] Maeshika Mukanee (Drama Ver.)

I’ll just put it this way, while I like some girls in this PV, a couple of the girls in the front are members I rather see less, so I’m not really liking this PV that much. Cute PV, Juri did well as a center I think. Jun 12, Oshimen: