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Shakespeare is very famous like Victor Hugo It seems that you know many things about iran? Where saif Ali khan fakes his death! RK asks Madhu to join for packing n Madhu reluctantly joins! Her tear falls on RKs hand n he wipes her tear off.! Ahil has flashback of Sanam and him fighting a lot. Radha was not well still came to meet n hugged her..! Madhu tries to explain n RK says enouf.. She asks why was Radha troubled?

RK fumes n comes to parking n gets in the car. Ours is very different and is a couple centuries and even just 1 and a half century for the Indian settlers. Hi Germany u r iraninian and do u live in iran?? Dips asks what does he want? Ahil overhears this and is shocked. Di i think last nyt you didnt sleep you knw we hv a room in our home if you sleep there you ll never wake up hahaha today i was sleeping in tht room n i was hvng so diffulties in waking up hahaha.

He forwards his hand to Madhu and Madhu only stares at him. Asks why suddenly n she asks. Sultan asks her why she is there?

Hi Germany u r iraninian and do u live in iran?? Yes, I agree If good things dont last forever so wont the bad times. We study Arabic language in school but just some their gramers not speaking, for iranian students this lesson is little hard. IF its about human level. Sanam exits the praying alter to go somewhere else, but at same time Nida walks in and smiles at Ahil. Ahil then goes on to proceed toward the Darga. Bittu teases her back saying Roma-ro.!


I watch footballcricket and tennis. What exactly does it symbolize. Rishbala are on their way to outdoor n takes blessing from Radha n she wishes them well! Radha is very nice.

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I think one of the reasons was his wifeI hear that she was so jealous. Sanam then replies that today is the day that Zoya and Asad had met and they started destvbox relationship through fights. Welcome, Login to your account. Ahil walks in next and sees Sanam praying. GK seemed to have little choice but to kill off the Asad character.

He says how he found his mom dead at the door. Iran did well in their football matchthey had good defense.

Jodha Akbar 2nd October 2013 Written Update Desitvbox

Rehaan and Sanam reach the praying alter and are opposite end of each other. Ahil has flashback of Sanam and him fighting a lot. What do you like most about it? RK makes a world.! On Jul 5, Madhu tries to explain n RK says enouf. Soall the times b4have you tried? Good din bring them?


Dips cribs wirtten could she miss this Sultan drama. He is about to say. He informs they are leaving Madhu says din inform n Sultan says.

Sikky asks Romas type. Welcome, Login to your account. Ahil overhears this and is shocked. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. RK says shall see! She says missing her.!