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Be the first to know when show schedules, tips and videos are posted! Find More Posts by gmanoffshore. I was confident that Heidi and I could repeat history, and take the tourney. And their hands will be right down near those dangerous teeth. That just comes with the territory for a sleek, voracious predator with a mouth full of teeth. She hooked the fish.

We were running out of tide, which would be slack quite soon. We still had a few more sharks behind the boat, but they were not eating very well. We knew this was not only the right thing to do, but would add a lot of drama right beside the boat in front of our cameras. We were not seeing any sharks swimming, so we put one bait on the bottom and immediately got a big bite. Find More Posts by Phil. Chelsea fines Kepa 1 week’s pay for cup incident 1h Liam Twomey. Kill sharks in the name of science.

Tenacity was recently featured in HSM outdoors online! That just comes with the jadfin for a sleek, voracious predator with a mouth full of teeth. Removing the hook is worth points, so if this is accomplished, the team breaks even.

Judging by his accent, he’s probably in cahoots with the winner Key Limey.

With 40 minutes of fishing left in the event, the madffin had a solid hookup, followed by the release of a 7-foot, 4-inch lemon shark, the largest shark of the event and worth points plus bonus points. There are, of course, multiple shark species, but the Mad Fin targets Lemon sharks, Black Tip sharks, Bull sharks, Hammerheads and Tiger sharks primarily. Teams are only allowed to fill their score sheet with three sharks of the same species each day.


Find More Posts by shoebag The plan was to use those jacks as live bait for our Bull sharks later. Unfortunately the seas were too rough for this plan to work maffin, and the weather madifn not cooperate. We assumed that if we could get to our Black Tip spot fast enough, we would still have an hour of the outgoing tide. I fell asleep watching it! Teams consist of qualified anglers who have spent countless hours on the water in pursuit of both sharks and other game fish.

The Mad Fin was called early that day, and all anglers were asked to return to the docks. Send a private message to Team Ruby.

Now in its third year, the six episodes of the coverage is the most incredible yet. Everything else shakr contrived and done for the camera.

Visit his website to see his awesome work! The Obsession of Carter Andrews. You don’t want to miss this battle to the end to see who will be the winner!

Quiznos Madfin Shark Series

Tenacity was recently featured in HSM outdoors online! It was ok, although I found it got a bit dry. How can you beat that? This is madfi only catch-and-release shark competition, and the shallow waters of Key West are once again the backdrop. Circle these games over the final two weeks North Carolina Tar Heels. For more information, go to the Madfin Shark Series home page.

Heidi picked up a spinning rod with a Stella reel on it and threw it back as far as she could. Johnson opted for a move to another location in nearby Charlotte Harbor, where they reset their baits in 10 feet of water and were immediately rewarded with a 6-foot, 6-inch lemon shark worth points for the catch and another points for the hook removal.


I LOVE shark shows, fishing or not, but for some reason this one really didn’t hold my interest all that well. Home Sponsors About Carter Andrews. Send a private message to gmanoffshore. Florida Inshore Tarpon Fishing. I’ve watched it about 2 or 3 weeks now and I think today was the last day of the series. For the competition, SeaVee Boats provided me with a 39Z, their new step hull. I give this show a two thumbs ups. I also knew that no matter what, this was the best Mad Fin I had ever fished, and this was the best partner I had ever teamed up with.

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We thank you for your patience as we help you access the new site! Bow Johnson and his teammate Deidra have caught and released more Bull sharks than any team sbark all of the Mad Fins combined. She also handles all of the social media for the business and various competitions and television work she and Johnson take part in.