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Millie forges a surprising relationship with Hugo’s new girlfriend Natalie, which annoys Rosie. Cheska and Binky organise a secret meeting with Kimberley’s ex-boyfriend Diego and discover that Kimberley isn’t as innocent as she seems Some scenes have been created for your entertainment and with strong language from the start This episode is subtitled 46 mins. Well we had a chat with him and made total dicks of ourselves. We want a massive teddy. National Treasure Series 1. Ella meets Julius’ ma, there’s stress at the spa and Sam’s throwing arm is at the bar. There is trouble in paradies or, er SW 1 for Sam and Tiff as their relationship becomes rockier than our nanna’s home-baked chocolate tiffin.

Match Day Series 1. The endless brunches, almost-punches, fiery lunches and Louise Thompson’s daily ab crunches. The Mill Series After their dramatic break-up, Spencer and Louise have both decided it’s time to move on. Made in Chelsea series 5. We did some digging.

Tiff Watson also announced that she had left the series and would not return for the fifteenth. Alik is keen to establish if there’s any truth to the rumour that Louise hooked up with another guy, but Louise claims to have no recollection of that night.

Louise Thompson is practically a veteran at just years-old and is best known for seroes abs, being the best older sister and getting weepy at relationship problems.

We will probably never know for sure. Oh and obvs we grilled her on the other Made In Chelsea lot too because we want to know everything. Mark Francis is another long-serving cast member, who swanned into our lives in Season 1 wearing real Italian leather and snapping his fingers at any high-street clad civilian AKA YOU.

Louise joined the show as Spencer’s very seriess girlfriend.

Olivia was the arty nude photographer who has transformed into a full-blown, strawberry liqueur sipping, ‘dahling’ dropping Made In Chelsea-ite we can’t get enough of every Monday evening. The first series finale managed to draw rpisodeviewers on cjelsea first showing and was the highest rated episoxe on E4 for the entire day.

Time Team Specials 26 Episodes. Walking the Nile Series 1. The series managed a high ofviewers for its sixth episode. They even have a baby girl India together. With his CV brimming with hard partying, hangovers and confessing to everyone he loves them, he is the perfect man for the jo.


She’s had a camera watch her every move 24 hours a day and was best friends with Lauren Conrad for a time. Spencer seeks comfort in the arms of a seriez old flame. It also includes a brief romance for Sam and Habbs, and Fred and Sophie revisiting their spark, and Miles continuing to annoy the women in his life. The Island with Bear Grylls Series All episodes from the sixth series plus end of series Studio Special and Christmas Special.

After their dramatic break-up, Spencer and Louise have both decided it’s time to move on.

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She recently launched a fashion line with Goddiva. Though Ollie Lockeowner of the biggest heart and shiniest hair in Chelsea, has said ta-rah to arguing with fellow Chelsea-ites over brunch, we still live with chepsea hope he returns to Made In Chelsea. Celebrity Chellsea with Bear Grylls Series 1. The thirteenth series began on 20 March on E4 lasting for eleven episodes. The Tribe Series 1. The third series broke records for the show when it premiered with overviewers and reached over a million viewers for the ninth episode, achieving a series peak.

If you’re one of the few people who has plans on a Monday evening you can deries up with all the episodes including series one which is a real treat over on All 4. The beautiful and affluent Chelsea players are back. On 22 Decemberthe show’s first Christmas special aired.

Fashion Week has descended upon the capital and the Chelsea set have front row seats to all the must-see shows. It was announced on 18 March that the cast of Made in Chelsea would be travelling to New York City to film a special series 4odd the show. The E4 series which shows the intricately connected friendship group of London’s elite, i.

Snapchat username jd Note: The babein Mimi Bouchard is chrlsea charming as Jamie Laing, looks like Toff’s twin we asked, they’re not related and is as radiant as Stephanie Pratt. No Offence Series She also has a depop store that you’re gonna want to go and get involved with immediately. During the series it was announced that original cast member Ollie Locke had quit the show, therefore this was his final series. The endless brunches, almost-punches, fiery lunches and Louise Thompson’s daily ab crunches.


Green Wing Box Set Series Some scenes have been created for your entertainment and with strong language This episode is subtitled 47 mins. The first series began airing on 9 May on E4.

Made in Chelsea Box Set (1-4)

Still reeling from her confrontation with Andy, Louise is determined that he will not be involved in her relationship. As things seem to have cooled off between Lucy and Spencer, Lucy embraces her new single status with a night out that sparks romance with a handsome stranger Some scenes have been chelsew for your entertainment and with strong language This episode is subtitled 48 mins.

Staged at Under the Bridge in Chelsea, these gigs will be streamed live on the E4 website as well as being made available as a highlights show later in the week on the Channel 4 catch up platform 4oD.

Meanwhile, Jamie and Francis audition a string of beauties in mafe search for Candy Kittens. The series featured the love blossoming between Jamie and Lucy despite obstacles in the form of Spencer and Phoebe, [ citation needed ] the breakdown of Andy and Louise’s relationship as many secrets are revealed, the rivalry between friends Fran aeries Phoebe as Phoebe discovers Fran has made a pass at her ex-boyfriend, [30] and the start of the relationship for Alex and Binky.

Filming for the series took place between January and Maywith the first full-length trailer airing 28 April When things are too easy, we get restless and we start mustering up a plan that can only end in doing shots of the Jaeger variety off our ex boyfriends’ brothers’ belly button.

The Mimic Series Binky and Alex were love’s young dream kinda for two years until his constant cheating became unforgivable. A spin off series entitled Made in Chelsea: Pete Versus Life Series We asked the girls some of the questions you guys have been asking us and got them to sort everything out.