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The dream is shattered. While men sit around the periphery, the music starts up and the women begin their wild communal dance in a joyful frenzy of yellow as the titles roll. She has a dream of a better life for herself and for her daughter and she is striving for it. Search for ” L’extraordinaire destin de Madame Brouette ” on Amazon. I defy you not to be moved. Madame Brouette is a woman trying to empower herself and rise above her situation, but a fatal capacity for love appears to be her downfall. While illuminating a very contemporary society, the film has the essence of a Greek tragedy.

The film received a Silver Bear at Berlin. The Night of Truth The film is also engaging as a spectacle with seemingly choreographed crowd scenes, which profits from the colour and ornamentality of the native dress and local environment. Only Human Tough Guys. About the film Color, 35 mm Section: Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Want to get some nice things? Away from the bustling crowds of shoppers in Covent Garden, I found myself transported from the cold, wet streets of London to the vivid, dusty shantytowns of Western Africa.

Rock Demers, Danielle Champoux Production: Flash-backs are developing the events which synopsiw to the murder of the police man Naago, who was also her boyfriend and lover. You see, I am your mother.


We, the audience, have seen it all: It hangs from a cage in front of the canteen and Mati symbolically lets it go, as she herself is taken into custody. Ndeye Seneba Seck in Madame Brouette. They convey his vision, his personal message.

The real police investigation is vague, sketchy, and amateurish. Witches Zombies All Themes.

Berlin – Official Competition. The film received a Silver Bear at Berlin. About the film Color, 35 mm Section: Released By Productions de la Lanterne. One scene in the film has a surreal, crazed tinge to it. Western Mystery All Genres. Mati’s vow toward men gets temporarily put on hold once she meets slick-talking policeman Naago Aboubacar Sadikh Ba and the pair begin a wild fling.

Naago, who, as a policeman, uses his authority to bribe everyone in sight, is a drifter without any serious life plan. Each one steps forward and gives their view on the crime. Want to get some nice things? You had to deserve it. How did it happen? Mati is not a perfect woman, but she is a woman who should be admired.

Madame Brouette: A Film by Moussa Sene Absa

Ndaxte Ndeye Seneba Seck Mati grows increasingly aware of Naago’s corruption — as well as his penchant for womanizing — just about the same time she realizes she’s pregnant with his child. She articulates each word of brokette story with great poise and conviction.


At this point the audience is told what has really happened in the bedroom before the shooting. I compare her to a partridge.

Now come, take your first steps in life. She is taking a taxi to an expensive exclusive clinic. Now, while a girl is in France she becomes an international star.

Feature Film: Madame Brouette

Her voice fills the dark night that surrounds them. She is adamant about it — she will give birth under the best medically controlled conditions. We feel sorry for Mati but more than anything, we are filled with admiration for her brouetye and yet very gentle nature.

Yes No Report this. Brouette is a real testament to the importance of Synkpsis cinema, and why there should be more chances to see it in British cinemas. The nameless griots are never far away: