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Gumawa ng an os-v-To digest, considerassist; produce. Kung ang manga-titik na ough ay magkakasama ang pagsasslita ay parang ao, datapua,t, maminsanminsan ay ttunog ng parang U. Hapis-n Gloom; sadness; grief; pain; ache; anxiety; hardship; disgust; sorrow: Humpayin-v-To interrupt, intermit; discontinue. Hindi nags gayak-a-Informal; indisposed. Huag m-ahalin-v To slight. Aha-n-Imagination; conception; fancy; purpose; design. IPaya-u-Ch-eat; deceit-; delusion; im-positioni; fallacy; frandulence; dodge; dece itfu tlness;trap;aff ectation;shnnm;trick, canard; claptrap; sleight; gull gtuile.

IPuende-n-FaitV; sprite, fray, elf; goblin-. Buluikin o,-To rot; corrulpt; mnake pntridl disrupt. Datnan-v- Io overtake; reach; meet enicounter. Ibitin-v-To suspend; hang up. Hanay-nRow; file; line; arrangement; order. Ang hilig pumorma ng marami, na turn-off na naman ako. Ibukod ang tuliapes sa palay-v-To winnow. Harap-n- Hardship; pain terture; grief toil, tormnent; misery; poverty; distress affliction; anguish; cross; trouble:

Higuit-n-Tenacity; pertinacity; contumacy; asperity; closeness; tightness; marrowness; straightness. Balikin v-To verthrow; reverse; overturn; crush. Lhe 1i has, the sat-le soun I as hi in English.

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The professors were fine, but my classmates were so indifferent. Hukom-n Governor; judge; arbiter. Habulin-v-To pursue; vex; persecute; chase; catch. Oo nga pala Glady. But it will be a weekly drama anthology on Filipinos’ lives in North America.


Durnalisav-v To refine; purifv; cleanse. Alakin v fo distill.

Amov-an i To smell;, scent. Bandila-,n-Flag; standard; banner; colors; peniiant; ensign.

Batong Mahilt n-Cobble; cobble-stone. The small nationalist group didn’t mind even if most of the actors and actresses looked Caucasian most performers during those times were Eurasian or Amerisian mestizos and mestizas. Sa email ko na sasagutin ang mga tanong mo’t masyadong personal baka ma-karate chop tayo dito ni Super Kapre, ikaw din.


Himulmob n-Small knot in cloth. Dalang n-P ctition; prayer. Saan ka napasuot at mukhang matagal kang di nakibalita sa akin? Hilurin-v-To soften; rub; stroke; act as mid-wife. Alalayan alalayin -v-To sustain; mainltain: Hunmini v-To ask request, petition; beg entreat; implore, demand claim; exact.

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Ariin aug di kaniya-v-To usurp. Kidding aside, I have the tendency of always searching for something that would make me exist in harmony with my surroundings, with friends and acquaintances, with p[eople’s attitudes as well.


Biglangbigla a-Sudden; hurried; precipitate: Hindi nabubulok a Tncorruptible; imperishable. Iba-a-dissimilar, different; diverse; unlike, other. Hindi Ayos aDisheveled- irregular. Idamay v-eTo implicate; effect. Apo nt-Grand child; lescondlent. Flirdi niarnnong-a Stulj idl ignorant Hindi marunong suimuniod a Obstinate;disobedient.

If all directors did was make movies like The Fountain, I think Hollywood would also stick to formulas like they do here.


Husay-n Order, regulation array. Guminhawa ang sakit-v To recover trom sickness.

Hung gumnanting palad v-To be disagreeable. Batik-n Stain- spot; blot; blemish. Anak sa asawang I auli-n-Stepchild. Buoin-‘-To sum; addl; fill up ; fill, integrate; complete.

Humilig-v-To incline, tend; lean; recline.