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Maayka – Episode 38 – Full Episode. Raji is delighted when Veer sends a gift to Mahi on the occasion of her birthday, while Mahi remains lost in Jeet’s thoughts. Mohini expresses her grief to Naani Massi while Raji tries to console her. On reaching home, she faces an arrogant Durga since she arrives very late. Veera takes the Kheer from Raji and serves it. Veer asks Raji about the reason for her worries. Maayka – Episode 25 – Full Episode.

Raji and Veer talk to each other over the phone and decide to give Mahi a present on her birthday. Raji notices Veena and Durga at the hospital. When Raji asks Veer the reason for his happiness, he tells Raji that he would tell her everything at the right time. Maayka – Episode 24 – Full Episode. Naani Massi lends her hand to help Brij though Mohini refuses to take her help. Maayka – Episode 35 – Full Episode.

Durga comes to know that mohini had made the Kheer. Later, Raji falls in Durga’s trap and commits a mistake for which she is scolded badly. Maayka – Episode 27 – Full Episode. Everyone is delighted due to a singing performance by Jeet. Veer tells Raji that he loves her a lot and that he would take her with him soon.

Raji helps Veena in the kitchen and asks her to take some rest. Soni teases Mahi regarding Jeet. Veer prepares to leave. Raji notices Veena and Durga at the hospital.

The Malhotras get stunned when Durga refuses to take the ‘Shagun’. Thus, they happily celebrate Mahi’s birthday together. Jeet gets delighted on learning about the news of his marriage.


Durga and Jyoti celebrate the success of their conspiracy. Thus, Jeet comes to her rescue but his attempts goes in vain. Maayka – Episode 45 – Full Episode.

13 October Maayka Part 1

But Durga clarifies that she was only acting to be good to Raji. Brij is upset due to Mangat’s threats. The family gets delighted when Raji and Veer arrive at their house. Thus, he tries to convince her. Naani Massi tries to save Mahi and Soni from their father’s reprimanding, while Durga gets annoyed at Veer and Raji for not attending Jeet’s show.

Mahi seems lost in Jeet’s thoughts while her friends tease her, while Brij and Mohini are delighted to notice the love between Raji and Veer.

Maayka 24th October part 1 of 3 Video – Rediff Videos

Raji, Soni and Mahi. Maayka – Episodes Maayka that house that has its arms, heart and door always open for a woman Veer accepts Raji’s request and asks her to be at home. Durga calls up Mohini to invite them for the dinner. But Mohini tells her that she would make the kheer and send it to her.

Later, Brij gets upset after getting a call from a stranger. She asks Raji to keep kaayka to herself. The family and their guests enjoy themselves at the celebration.

Maayka – Episode 43 – Full Episode. Meanwhile, the family keeps waiting for their daughter, Raji for Mahi’s birthday celebrations. Maayka – Episode 23 – Full Episode.

Maayka – Episode 21 – Full Episode. Subtitles Audio Languages Available On. Durga takes Veena to a hospital where Brij had taken ‘Naani Massi’. Veer decides to leave. It is often said that even if you leave your maayka after marriage you are always bound to it by some bitter, some sweet memories. Raji calls up Mohini to ask her the procedure to make Halwa as Durga had told her to make it. Aarti and Guddu tease Mahi episods Raji is threatened upon arriving back home by Durga, while Mohini and Brij are upset due to Mangat’s demand of money.


When Raji asks Veer the reason for his happiness, he tells Raji that he would tell her everything at the right time. Maayka – Episode 46 – Full Episode.

Raji talks to her father-in-law about her relationship with Veer, while Durga refuses to attend Mahi’s birthday party since she is organising a kitty party at her house. Mahi receives a letter from Jeet asking her to meet at a restaurant, while Mohini gets annoyed at Brij due to the loans taken during Rpisodes wedding. Maayka – Episode 39 – Full Episode. At night, when Brij was about to close the gates, a money lender comes to Brij to ask for his money.

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