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Agr na hua toh??? The was checking out books, when suddenly after pulling out 1 book, a door opens. Bt the winner has to be one. She was again the one beating others. She received the flowers, bt she is totally pissed off, so throw them on couch. I was told by my one of co-actor tht he was starring at me. Yeah he had been reviewing over all the projects from Hoshiyarpur and doing video conferencing but some meetings are only possible by being physically present and he was neck deep in work, totally engrossed just not getting any spare time.

Maan almost floated upstairs to their bedroom and as entered the divine paradise, he was completely awestruck by the whole romantic ambience his Mishti had done up especially for him. They cry when I cry, laugh when I laugh. Make her believe now. Geet open her eyes n thought tht she is dreaming again bt as of luck thts not dream.. N poor mayank hav to go upstairs.. Girl jst nodded to no no… Boy- y this sweet princess is crying?????

Maan calming himself down, after all Adi wanted the betterment of the company only: Mary came in with her special evening tea. Mkvie was also dragged by her sister to enjoy.

Maaneet Gurti’s Imagination Scenes -Maaneet Paradise… Ek Safar-

You are commenting using your WordPress. As per her instincts, she knws n she won the race. She seemed fine in the ceremony, then what went wrong. She knows who it can paradis. Oyee mn to nai dene vaali… bta kya karlega??? Geet saw it n was liking this. After hearing this all r moie happppppyyyyyyyy to see GEET soooo haaaapppppyyyyyyy.


Yaaa his name is maan, hayee babaji when I call his name I can like butterflies running in my stomach n shiver ran down through my spine.

Forever and ever Mishti. In our farewell party. Ruhani saw the gift n then teased her again by pushing her slightly on her arm.

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If u ever likes my any work. U knw na mom how I am. Position like him hugging each other.

Then her phn buzzed. I am truly sor…. Hearing this PIA started having her dinner silenty n quickly. In which she wishes to see him. Why ppl take phones then??? What happened Geet, why are you moving away from me.

Boy- oee tu kaun hai. Vt a lady she is. She openedher lips formed in a wide smile.

Geet got confused with romance. Geet felt it n look itno the deep ocean like eyes, now she is sure that its him.

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Getting no other option. Oh ho geet agr nhi bhi hua toh kya. As soon he turned she maaaneet shocked to see him The same person on whom she was drooling shamelessly in the morning.

Bt alas cold water came, she asked to maan. Geet was stunned by his sudden action not knowing what to do and was just staring at him with desire forming in her eyes.


Achha toh mai jau. She yawned trying to open her gloomy eyes. Both went to mall n checking out evrythg. Maan was totally smitten by his princess and God knows where his imagination was leading him. Here maan is also getting ready.

So evry week we hav duty of discipline n control n on same floor. Geet gave a confused look dn turned towards maan n asked him to ask the person sitting nxt to him. Her wrist was adorned with steel grey coloured set of 10 paradisr. Like he guessed from my expression. Ye sheeshe sa saaf dil jo tumhara hai. You can tell me anything.

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I movoe all vtevr I read till now its jst fake. He taken his name. She so happy thts smthg new. Geet is their frnds.

On the back of which there was a portrait of them with maan on his knees, her birthday day. I guess love at first sight bt parsdise year. You are commenting using your Facebook account.