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Arjun Does Not Believe Anvesha Maan refuses to listen Maan teaches Geet driving Pammi confides in Geet Spilt Coffee and Spilt Milk Maan talks to Daman about Radhika being cheated in love once. Maan’s Venture Shut Down Maan and Geet meet

Geet sneaks out to meet Vikram Geet cancels the test The girls come to meet Maan Geet gets angry at Maan Geet lands up in the priso Will Anwesha Learn the Truth? Maan in the forest?

Reena Reveals mwan Truth The Marriage Preprations Are On Geet and Maan miss the bus Dev Wants to Surrender Dev falls in love with Nandini All All 0 Dislike 0. Whoever follows Him will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.

Dev and Geet talk in private Geet searches for Maan’s bride PROMO geethuisabseparayi throwback guruchoudhary dhamidrashti drashtidhami karansinghgrover epjsode drashtidhami gurmeetchoudhari karansinghgrover shaktiarora viviandesena rkmadhu maangeetkurana geetmaan geetmaan dilmilgaye abhinavshukla geethuisabseparayi guruchoudhary madhubalaekishqekjunoon pardesmeinhaimeradil yalancibahar ShaktiArora siddhantkarnick.


Dadimaa Asks Dev to Leave Geet sneaks out to meet Geft Maan carries Geet in his arms Geet and Maan in Manali Geet and Maan feel bad for Pammi Geet tends to Dev Be Careful with My Heart.

Lucky and Preeto Unite Threat Calls from Vikram A Mysterious Phone Call Geet worries for Maan Brij’s proposal to Maan Video contains repulsive violation Video contains sexual content Video is pending for moderation. Geet Gets Angry at Maan Maan tries to forget Geet Maan does not recognize Geet Dev Approves of Geet Arjun and Anvesha Argue Mann talks to Geet Naintara Tries to Get Bail On the Dance Floor Pari leaves for ever Dadimaa comes to visit Maan Geet is project manager Maan saves Geet’s life Maan plans a surprise for Geet Geet is married to Dev Geet and Maan re-unite