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My email is on the About page on this blog. You definitely do not need a Japanese account to buy or play the game. I hope this answers everything. If anything happens, it will be through non-gray-area channels. I love long comments! Interestingly, every one of them luvs Gian, so a pairing is still possible. From what I got from the whole confusion about the True Ending, people say it is Shiki, either because there was some official document which we lack of, or because of the change the company made with PS2 etc.

Sorry for late reply. The characters go beyond just being archetypes. I love your work, it helped me so much! Or is it other thing? If you wish to use my translations for any other purpose, please contact me first. I was just wondering though, do you perhaps have a word document of all your translations? And the LHL as well.

MeriB Jun 08, And how little by little he gets to know the real Luchino. The characters go beyond just being archetypes. So it seems unreal to meā€¦but this is my personal opinion. The closeness seems genuine and, despite the violent setting, somehow sweet.

”Lucky Dog 1” – The last part/spam/etc aka Luchino path.

But I am quite interested in what they will say. Which ended up beating Ivan for the most fun path. Like, a mix of plot-driven and chara-driven. Yeah, the script translations was designed such that you could follow along in the game, too, if you wanted to.


Arik Burton Mar 19, Nazonaro Aug 24, Lcky love for your translations!

Tuesday Feb 06, Maria Jun 24, Bakshi is a troll. Especially after the HTML. I have no word to describe how happy I am right now!

Sasha Jun 02, I hope you won’t mind if I do? Thank you for the translations, the hard work you poured in is greatly appreciated! The menu is admittedly a bit of a mess. Maybe others would know better? For the last couple days, I have been stalking this site o.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Akira Sep 09, Shiki shows up in the epilogue, and they start fighting again. However, as one of the commenters in the post put it, it can help readers keep up with the translation.

The site layout is nice and simple too. LHL may be a problem, but by the time I get started on that it may work itself out. In the end Gian does payback by pouncing aka blowjob when Bernardo answers the phone, the other end being Gawalli who instead of ending the call would switch to Alessandro as Bernardo swears punishment for Gian.

Um and if you need my email to keep from spoilers, just let me know! But he was first to-! I found him with both Luchino and Gian, sitting on the chair talking with two sandwiches and two glasses of whatever-it-is-in-that-glasses.

Pijon Oct 27, As Ivan bought one that would be the same as that one. And warning us beforehand! As for Shiki, I meant that he loves Akira in a non-healthy way, because as you said, yes, it has to do with domination etc. This scene is one of them. In the end Tookuten revealing that the ride will end only after trying out the super-charge when it’s night, like it was that time.


Thank you so much for these translations! Thank you both of you for your replies!

CDJapan : Drama CD”Lucky Dog 1″SUMMER CHANCE Drama CD CD Album

How do you get past that? This is your first one?!? Jarneer Sep 27, Thanks a bunch again! You have no idea how much I love you, haha Good luck with school: At first I thought it was just a single fanart, but the more pages I searched through the more I saw them dressing in the same outfits in different fanarts by different artists. Nothing unusual for people outside the states.

Drzma Jul 23, Bernardo pounces as Gian frets about someone hearing them. Thank you for your great work.

This may sound strange but, do you have the full game?