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Phun lends his shoulder for Noh to lean on in a taxi ride back to school. Reply Stephanie March 31, at REally fits the storyline, sets the mood to the movie. Previously on Lovesick Season 1, Noh and Phun agreed to be just friends. Yes, essentially Noh backed out and broke them up, but in his head, he had really strong and unselfish motives to do so. She gives him one solid blow, sending him flying to oblivion. Undoubtedly, Ruo Qing is beyond happy.

Ugh I originally had issues with the romance, or how they broke up. REally fits the storyline, sets the mood to the movie. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The two finally go out for dinner, during which she discovers he already has a girlfriend. Ruo Qing says sorry to Xiao Rong. Two, Be your own hero. The fact that they have to hide it gets them into fights until Noh has to ask himself why.

She too pulls a random fellow as a dance partner. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. You can use the materials in this blog, whether an entire post, excerpts, screencaps or links, PROVIDED that you ask for permission and give proper credits. I really loved the ending of this drama, she looks so much better with long hair then short hair. In fact, the photo is of his beloved younger sister, Lu Xiaorou Yuan Xinyuwho is a patient in the hospital and has been suffering from a serious spinal injury since a car accident in her teens.


She tried to dismiss the growing feelings she was feeling for him and was looking for excuses and loopholes in Dr.

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Perhaps I should back up a bit. The girls, Aim and Yuri, happen to be besties. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Previously on Lovesick Season 1, Noh and Phun agreed to be just friends. It still remains one of my favorites. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Popular Lists Related lists from users Create a list. She finds Xiao An, a young nurse, in a room reading a letter. Love PhobiaLove Sick Genres: An ordinary girl is admitted to the most prestigious school in the country where she encounters F4, an exclusive group comprised of the four wealthiest and handsomest boys in the school – Dao Ming Si, Hua Tqiwanese Lei, Xi Men and Mei Zuo.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Her emotion is pretty much flaring up, in an instant, she hits Ai Ren. Oh well, she was running after this candy ball when accidentally she steps on it and nearly fell.

The first season was aired in Thailand from 6 July, to 21 September You have a bad attitude and you hit people hard. She plays hard to get. The taiwanesr is pure fluff from start to finish, and hardly original in content: You are commenting using your Twitter account.

She tells him to go and never return. The nurses help out and sing as well.


Edit Storyline Ariel is a girl who has love phobia caused by her high school ex-boyfriend who left her heart broken. Obviously, this stranger has an effect on her.

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She, however, is feeling downhearted. The version I found on youtube was the 3 hours long episodes, which mainly focus taiwanewe Noh and Phun. Needless to say, she was heartbroken.

Phun and Noh are in an awkward situation where they don’t know what to do with their relationship. The school is prepping for the upcoming football game. This site uses cookies.

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But in the end I still let him go with my eyes wide open. Kong Lingqi [Jeffrey Kung]. Oct 14, Duration: Li Yi Feng Ai Ren. And then, someone knocks her down.

Unless they decide to pull synopsi season on us. She frankly tells Ruo Qing to back off. Reply Stephanie February 10, at 7: Everything felt right and perfect. Reply Ezra Lovesck February 16, at 3: This article’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. You are commenting using your Facebook account.