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Asahina looks on curiously. The girl is almost late for her part time job and rushes off, where she works as a waitress. Hyuga reminds him that his donations pay for the upkeep of this temple, and the priest adorably bows and tells him to come anytime. Oops, haha, it seems like many others pointed it out already. Yasuoka pats her, congratulating her for getting Hyuga to remember her name. Ep 3 is very good in setting the suspense up…its seems we will see a K drama formula very soon. I am already intrigued! I really like how the Hong Sisters went with older leads this time since the last 2 dramas feel a bit more on the early 20s side.

I was in love with him before the drama even started. He pictures the gossip printed on paper towels, which fly at him as though attacking his hubris. Thanks for recapping Ms Koala. The next morning, Asahina sits with the worried Yamagami who thinks Hyuga is undertaking too ambitious and large scale a project and burning through the company finances. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. I think that anyplace is good to say He hands her a huge binder of homework to study before meeting the Vice Minister.

Jae-seok hedges again when Jin asks about his audition status with Peter Jason, but finally admits that Jin lost out. Hyuga greets her and calls her name Sawaki Chihiro, which makes every single person look up.

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It started off a bit laid-back, but the more we got into it, the more the pace amped up until I was squealing in wub end. It’s such a weird combo of languid and stiff, but sufficiently effective in conveying his imperiousness.


I always felt off about Oguri Shun his face? Talk about a self-absorbed boyfriend, eh?

Funny Date Stories love online. Variety shows do it all the time lol. The ending and preview for next ep have made me even more impatient. I wonder if dokko jin was the heart en patient in the beginning of the episode while the kukbo sonyeo song was playing? She has a luminous quality that brings a geniune spirit epusode her characters, and that shines through here as well. On the fifth episode of the SBS drama “Saimdang:.

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D i hated him in Hanakimi: SideReel features links to all your favorite TV shows. How about the ratings for the pilot episode? Best premiere I have seen in such a long time. Hyuga reminds him that his donations pay for the upkeep of rdcipe temple, and the priest adorably bows and tells him to come anytime. Cold, hard, badass dudes. Yasuoka pats her, congratulating her for getting Hyuga to remember her name. I think the one thing that really makes this drama different from the other HS dramas is actually the two main leads.

Hyuga bounds back onstage and announces that only people who have been accepted by two companies can continue, everyone else can bugger off.

You sure did So3!!! Rina May 5, at 7: Will [ Download ].

Oh well,its quiet interesting anyway,coz its hong sister’s drama! Soon, the audience tires of the endless fight reel, stretching boredly in their seats.


He flashes back to his interactions with Chihiro, and he convinces himself that he should praise her a little.

Junior Orange Bowl is proudly powered by WordPress. Episodes by LollyPip. They meet with the Vice Minister and Chihiro reveals that the data the government collected which she memorized last night showed that the public would support a national registry but fear the misuse and theft of data. I just may explode from anticipation.

I can relate to the ‘has been’ syndrome I haven’t watched yet! Always have a soft spot for Episoce Satomi — I know she has the acting chops, just not as high profile as some of her peers though I really wish she can change her hairstyle sometimes to give a fresh look.

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I’m definitely glad we get the next episode tomorrow! With the first two seasons being successes with their perfect bachelors — a lawyer, a fund manager — they need to match that with their Season 3 pick.

What I like about Ae-jung is what Javabeans said about her, handling the crap life has dealt to her with cheerfulness and maturity, but also what she is dramzcrazy. Couple more minute perhaps. Please enter your username or email address.