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Crystal December 5, at Your 1 – so spot-on! Windsun33 what do you do? Hats off to the leads for their stellar acting today. Is it just me or does it look like that turtle neck with the belt is about to strangle LMH,I mean seriously there are better turtle necks that can keep you warm. I do like it leaps and bounds better than I did during the first half now, although I never really hated it. A son who felt unloved and has become angry and cynical until he met Hana. You’re right it’s like Kim Tan had a broken neck that needs to be in plaster cast.

KT breakdown was kinda sad, felt his pain. So… what a great? I tried to watch Secret Garden too, and couldn’t like it. Girl, what are you thinking, being hung up on sad sack Kim Tan? I get KT couldn’t drive legally in Korea until his 18th birthday even though he was legal to drive in the states, but he’s 18 now? He can’t show his love for Joon He’s also a very passionate and assertive character unlike his Dad

Love Rain Episode 17

Eun-sang bugs the shit out of me. I should think so Rachelle. When he wrecked his room, it seemed like an outward manifestation of what he was feeling inside. Sorry, I’m just laughing through the whole darned thing coz if i didnt, I’ll be on Valium.

In the mean time they show KT mature and ready to wear the crown. Well, from the eps 12 or so, DY had a transformation of his kove becoming a good friend to Tan and even to ES,, I thought the writer put a similar transformation for ES from Eps 18, become a very strong willed, determined girl to be a wife of a chaebol!!

A young girl who who has very little life experience and is falling in love with a very forceful dashing character like Joon. The sad part is that is all high-end designer stuff epislde Gucci, Givenchy, I think Commes de Garcon was in there too, and more labels. Arrrgg the back and forth was intriguing initially, but I got tired of it real soon.


My cousin was walking home from religious services one evening it was a holiday with my uncle and cousins his father and brothersand some idiot was so smashed out of his mind that he skidded on to the sidewalk and killed my cousin instantly, right in front of his father and brothers. A guest has already reported this download using your current IP address. I loved the big turtlenecks on the boys!

Lee min ho acted superbly in live episode Was this episode short, or was I just not paying attention for half of it? She is in no mood to deal with him though and storms off, but stops when he points out that her mascara is running from the tears.

And for some reason I hate them even more on men.

Although it really does not make a lot of sense to travel that much back and forth for a couple epdrwma scenes. Yeah, I remember that episode. But then I’ve been confused the whole show if the ages are western age or korean age? She then excuses herself, saying that she has work to do. He already scarified YH once, because his best friend However, the way he paused at that moment, and the way he let that realization sink in, was well done. I must confess that the “Love Is The Moment” song has grown on me as well.

Episode 18

Why not cover his face too? There’s going to be a dramatic shift in the story now that Mommy Dearest is in the picture.

Although some credit has to be given for Myungsoo’s provision of comic relief. Not sure what to say, Joon just stays silent.


She helped inspire him to come back to Korea, take charge of his life, stand up to people, acknowledge his illegitimacy, and break off the ridiculous engagement. Talk of kdrama addiction! The sub I was watching put it as “Go to her.

[Drama Recap] Love Rain Episode 17 | K-POP! rage

When you are young and in love- epdfama first love How ridiculous is it that she can dictate to her ex whether or not he can remarry! They know him intimately, really well?

Well, that explains things better. If anything, she needs to apologize for her behavior with all of them. They can still use other browsers for browsing, I guess.

Then Eun-sang lovf into view, and he reels with the force of both relief and… guilt, perhaps?

Please resign for humanity’s sake. I lve he already told him, at the office that he would do anything his hyung would want him to do. To make matters worse, he still cares about Tan, too, so his worry for both of them make for some very twisted emotions.

For revenge, she says that she went out as well, but Joon sees her slowly walking towards him. Seriously, if you look at all the females for most of her previous dramas, they all seem like they WOULD be the strong, take-the-reins for herself type of gal, but nope. They are so happy running!! Treasure December 4, at