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I couldn’t help but think that when he told Arang this is what heaven is the flower field that he’s been there since he really died when he got sick. And would it hurt if you gave her another kiss to help sway her? Mom readily agreed to become Big Bad’s new host after the previous expired because she gets to be Lord Choi’s boss. Evy July 28, at I also love it that there’s the intelligent and fast-thinking Prof. If nothing else, he could be a credible threat. Just reading the recaps is enough to make my blood boil, save for Heads’ humour. I’m sorry but I just don’t see Seo hoo as all that evil and manipulative.

It’s a good thing that I didn’t have time to watch them before the recaps or I would have smashed the computer. That guy is narrow minded and focused cause you don’t become a famous pianist treating it like a hobby. She wonders what difference it makes, if she answers questions honestly about everything except her weight, heh. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Why am I so sad I thought there was one ghost beggar and one human beggar too, but got thrown off when it looked like Joo-wal didn’t even notice the human beggar, but did notice Arang’s actions as weird. Also, Seol is now known as the princess. This mean if EO do meet the mother, it wont be his mother.

Jagi September 14, at 8: If they don’t end this disastrous relationship in the next ep, I’m going to lose it.

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I want to see some more skinship And just as YJ gets nastier, Jung-woo gets even more awesome! This is Arang, anything can happen!! CaroleMcDonnell September dramacraz, at 5: Sorry but I just don’t see the same thing everyone else sees. I need new episodes of Oh My Ghostess to cleanse my palate. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb.


Can someone explain the begining for me??? But then again – like you say – maybe both of them are just following orders.

So glad that didn’t happen but wish HY had used his lips for more than just talking LJW makes a believable Won. JB enb you so much. The ghost got the “ghost” of the food and the real beggar xramacrazy His father threw around some weight to quash the rumors. Anyway thank you so much for the information. She must be at wits’ end, having recapped in a roll a no. I don’t think there’s any way the writers can salvage the drama now.

Will Arang have rin be sacrificed? Episode 5 by TeriYaki.

Won is a straight up wimp. Mom says that the girl must be harder to woo than expected—is she ignoring the advances of such a young, handsome man?

Somehow, I understand why they wanna gave this drama to Full House writer before. These later episodes are a letdown: Seul seems too airheaded. Finally Hae-Young has come to his senses: I do love her forthrightness.

I’ve stopped watching but am grateful that I can still follow the show because of you. lovr

No factors could save this drama. She sighs sadly about how back then there was never enough to satisfy her hunger… and that gets a keen look from him. Do you guys notice the throat clearing thing SSH does all the time too? And he’d better hold on to it good, seeing as it’s literally the last scrap of evidence he has.

Like a little girl never stole something of her sisters and claimed it as her own? As much as I getting my nerve with the lead female, but I must say Jung Yu Mi did her job really good. Then she offered the “physical” part of the same food to the human beggar.


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She’d be more focused on the advantages that his status brings her dramacrszy on the man himself. I would think his cousin held off telling upper management. I’m sorry, but Hana’s mom and dad are a major parenting fail. Of course, Ha Na’s age and rng fact that she should know better adds loads to the problem. However, I feel a little less sympathy from Ha Ji Won because she should have enough clout to shape how her character’s played.

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She stops him from doing anything physical at her workplace, and attempts to focus him again. Seol rdamacrazy what the big deal is, but Hae-young lays into her for agreeing to go to the orphanage without consulting him. Also, why hasn’t Hana asked him about why he never contacted her for three years? I was so excited to watch this.

Maybe we’d accept that her stupid ex is now a changed man. Yup this drama have a lot of explaining to do and i can only hope that they’re prepared with all the answers to the questions being raised with every passing episode.

Yeah, they’re not saying that about her and Seo-hoo.