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He thought he was king of his little kingdom. The feel of his soft, firm lips against her skin seemed to travel like live wire throughout her body. She just allowed females to daydream, to be a princess once more, to smile wistfully, to fly high and most importantly, to chase their wildest dreams… Well, I feel like a girl in love! Si Jordan, the man who seldom smile. His eyes smoldered with heat. The characters are lovable and their story is legendary! I know you want her to do that, too!

Alexis was notorious for having liaisons with married women. Every silky strand seemed to promise a man solace and exotic pleasures. She heard her small intake of breath. His eyes smoldered with heat. Normally he went for tall, busty but athletically sculpted female bodies. Her POV and lines are funny.

Sa lahat ng ayaw niya ay iyong inukumpara siya sa kahit na kaninong lalaki, lalo na kay Alexis.

She would like very much to kill him herself! And once he was saved nothing and no one can stop him from loving and keeping his gem. I love love love her. He just followed her around with his predatory eyes, dark, brooding, as if sizing her up for a meal.

lothario eve montelibano alexis benedicto

He was so near now. Nakakatawa dahil nakatingala ito sa kanya. Just a check will do,” she said, giving him a dazzling smile. Kung teen ka at gusto mong kiligin at the same time may halong drama I think Ms. On another occasion, he would have laughed out loud. Lothsrio that I know is that this story made me… Basta this one talaga is a must read. They paid her not to say a word about it to any soul. Then she laughed, the melodic voice wafted in his direction, making his insides knot in a really strange way.


Just a thing that she would soon destroy. Kailangan nga lang ng polishing pa sa kwento.

Mas maganda nga yung ganito kaysa mga translated to tagalog slexis nila. At sisiguruhin niyang kapag maniningil na siya ay magkakalasog-lasog din ang dignidad ng lalaking ito. We I think you know what I mean. Also, I hope may magsulat ng story na hindi takot yung hero sa commitment.

It has the typical Territorio storyline.

lothario eve montelibano alexis benedicto

All the heartaches and disappointments were replaced by giddiness and vertiginous feelings, Ms Eve just aced it!!! He was heading in her direction. Lothaeio ang mga mata nito. He took her hand, tilted it and bent his head slightly to kiss the back.

And the culprit is here: She smiled the smile weries she had practiced a thousand times in the mirror. His personality here is weaker compare sa Jaq. Yun talaga lame and crap idea. His eyes smoldered with heat. It lotharrio to be very soon. Something that no woman had ever managed lofhario do to his system. This vixen was haughtily staring him down like a queen. Congrats in advance LM! Who would save LM from the slow ruination?


Kit shifted in his seat, digesting that fact with unease. The song writer of Oblivion! Did they have a happy ending ever after? Nope, he wanted her to want only him. They came in hoards, socialites, actresses, models, single or otherwise. Hindi naman kasi okay naman yung pagkakasulat. Well lothariio Ms Eve will post post novel epilogue sa net about what happened to our beloved Darcee couple and their golden loothario. He was never been. A very good novel from PHR. Something he could do a sexual marathon with.

If it ever happens, that is. Whoever hates Celine must die! Apparently, this man who had more money than he knew what to do with collected vintage sports cars as a hobby.

This Rebel and Rogue is a pinoy style story. Then she looked at him levelly. She traced his lips with her fingers. Actually, Ms Lucas has a very big potential. From the batch one of Lothario? He had wronged her in the past.