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Filter events through Smart Search icons. With your hand supporting the hard drive, turn the housing upside down: The system will prompt you when the upgrade is complete. Move the cursor to Open With. Click Next and then click Finish to complete the installation. Open Blackberry Desktop Manager. Click the Bitrate tab.

In the AutoPlay window, select Open folder to view files. Under Yoics Enable, a blue “O” indicates Yoics is enabled. Select the users who can see the Auto Port Forwarding shortcut Optional. Open Internet Explorer version 6 or above and enter http: Click Protocol, and use the mouse scroll-wheel to select the protocol of your PTZ camera. During lightning storms, or when the unit is not used for a long time, disconnect the power supply, antenna, and cables to protect the unit from electrical surge. The higher the bitrate, the better the quality of the video stream.

Flex IR and remote control sold separately. Removing the Hard Drive. Make sure no cables are caught beneath the drive. Remove the 4 screws from the hard drive bracket. A “Register New Devices” window opens. Sequence Time refers to the time the camera channel changes to the next camera channel in single channel ssries.

Lorex Lh Series Users Manual

For example, Parking Lot 1, Front Door, etc. For added security, we strongly recommend changing HTTP port 80 on the system to any desired port-the port must not blocked by your Internet service provider ISP.

For example, Ly300. Use the Password Wheel to input a 4-digit password. LHC4 Be the first to write a review.


Re-mount the unit the back of your monitor if desired. Turn the unit right side lh3300. Tap here to see camera list. The system comes with a pre-installed 3.

Lorex Lh300 Series Users Manual

Enable Easy Connect on your system. Select the channel you want to have re-assigned. Ensure the SATA data and power ports face the back panel. Click an event from the Event List and then click. Touch Connect to start Live viewing. Click Apply to save the new title to your system. The Password Wheel opens. Mount the hard drive to the metal bracket using the four screws. Log in as the administrator. From the security window, click Install.

ActiveX warnings may appear. As you make changes to the recording parameters, the storage lodex at the bottom of the menu displays the time remaining on the hard drive. Remove the SATA data and power connectors. Click on Sequence Time.

Opens the system main menu. Click the Detect Multiple Routers button. Open Blackberry Desktop Manager. Only the administrator can edit and manage LAN passwords. Click on Choose Default Program.

Move cursor in menus left; during playback, increase reverse playback speed 5X, 15X, 60X. LED indicator for internal hard drive. Enable DDNS on your system. Changes take effect in 10 minutes. A blue “O” indicates Yoics is enabled. Click to open the Split-Screen Selector. If you have installed a new hard drive, you must format the drive before using the system.


Playback Markers can be used for faster searching in the Event List.

Shows live and recorded video-single, quad, and split-screen split on channel model only. Gently slide the cover away from the front panel and lift off. Port to connect a DVI monitor not included. All warnings and instructions in this manual should be followed.

Under Start Time, click to open the pop-up calendar and enter a date and time. The screenshot will appear in the centre of the main display, followed by the file name. Connect the ground wire to pin 9. Click the attention bar at the top of the main page and select Install ActiveX Control.

You serids connect your DVR to a router connected to the internet before registering a Yoics account. ,orex ensures that upon account activation, Yoics will automatically detect your DVR.

Screw the provided mounting screws into the two top holes in the rear panel of your LCD monitor. You may be prompted to install the ActiveX plug-in for Backup to function properly. The file name ends in a.