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Futurama season 4 episodes American television episodes Television episodes about time travel Television episodes written by David X. Fry accepts their offer and is transported to the cryogenics lab. Vergon 6 was a sunny little planet teeming with life and inhabited by a unique animal population. The episode contains flashbacks to the events of ” Space Pilot ” when Fry is originally frozen. Fry is convinced the only good he serves is to clean up after Nibbler, but Nibbler tells him otherwise. In the movie, it’s revealed that the Number 9 Man is the leader of the “Legion of Mad Fellows,” a group of telepaths.

In Bender’s Big Score he revealed his true nature to the crew during a failed attempt to avert disaster and on seeing the formation of a tear in the time-space continuum he escaped the universe by swallowing himself. He leaves out his own father Yancy and Fry’s grandfather implying he was named something other than Yancy. The Brainspawn show Fry something that happened on December 31, , the night he was frozen seen in ” Space Pilot “. He is over a thousand years old, and was responsible for pushing Fry into the cryogenic tube and sending him to the year Cohen points out that Nibbler’s shadow is present in the pilot episode, a point which is explained in this episode, and that this was a plot point which was planned since the pilot. But I know you in the future, I clean your poop!

Having never heard Nibbler talk, Fry is dumbfounded as Nibbler knocks him out and takes him to Eternium, Nibbler’s home planet. Leela tells Fry that although he may not be the most important person in the universe, she is happy to see him and kisses him. Content is available under Attribution-Share Alike 3.

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Possible, my people live long and are celebrated poopers. From The Infosphere, the Futurama Wiki. Fry is convinced the only good he serves is to clean up after Nibbler, but Nibbler tells him otherwise. That’s because these little secrets foreshadow events and characters that wouldn’t happen or appear until seasons later. Alas, our kitten-class attack ships were no match for their The Scammers mighty chairs. Jokes about the extreme mass of Nibbler’s feces and mention of Vergon 6 call back to ” Love’s Labours Lost in Space “.


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Nibbler explains that he had to do so, as Fry was the only person who could defeat the Brainspawn. Views Read View source History. Along with ” Where No Fan Has Gone Before ” which directly succeeds this episode in production orderit is one of two episodes that do not feature Professor Farnsworth.

Views Read Edit View history. Leela’s mutant parents can be dpisode standing in a crowd in the season two episode ” I Second That Emotion. While pretending to be Epiosde pet he generally wears only a red cape, small yellow shoes and diapers.

Views Read Edit History. They see the Scammer Aliens approaching] Lars: Creatures from Vergon 6 included:. From The Infosphere, the Futurama Wiki.

In the alternate dimension, the Brainspawn discover they can send Fry back in time to stop Nibbler from freezing him. Cohen notes that he was particularly enthusiastic to write this episode because of how it tied into other episodes, feeling that it was something that was rarely done in sitcoms, particularly cartoons.

Fry is on the sofa screaming in agony while the Professor, Bender and Bubblegum Tate hold him down. Lord Nibbler nibbler a member of a proud and ancient race, the Nibblonians. The Fururama science team evacuated themselves, but Nibbler was left behind due to digestive troubles 5ACV Futurama season 4 episodes American television episodes Television episodes about time travel Television episodes written by David X.

Leela asks Fry to walk Nibbler while she goes on a date with Chaz, the mayor’s aide. He then ate all the creatures rescued by the crew, but some nibler the animals survived on fragments of the crust after the planet imploded. Fry activates the bomb anyway, and despite being doomed to enter the alternate universe, he is glad that his life had a purpose.

Cohen exclaims, “I’m gonna do what I’ve always dreamed episodde. The Nibblonians explain that because Fry lacks the delta brainwave on account of him being his own grandfather seen in Roswell That Ends Wellhe was immune to the attack of the Brainspawn a few futuraja prior seen in ” The Day the Earth Stood Stupid “.


The Nibblonians reveal the Brainspawn’s plan to collect all knowledge in the universe, store it in a colossal memory bank called the Infosphere, and destroy the rest of the universe. The episode was written by David X. This foreshadows the season four episode ” The Sting ,” in which we find out that this did in fact happen to the old crew as the new Planet Express gang are almost killed by giant space bees.

Subscribe to our Newsletter! Fry feels useless after Leela and Bender return from an extremely successful mission without him. The audience wouldn’t learn the truth until the season four episode ” Leela’s Homeworld ,” when those same parents are formally introduced.

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I did do the nasty in the pasty. Retrieved from ” http: In DVD commentary for the pilot, Matt Groening explains, “What we tried to do is we tried nibblef lay in a lot of little secrets in this episode that would pay off later. A man wearing a tunic that says ” Number 9 ” appears in the background many times throughout the series. He first showed up in the pilot, but wouldn’t play a pivotal role until the Futurama movie, Into the Wild Green Yondera full eleven years and one series cancellation after his initial appearance.

The episode is so similar to the pilot that the animation director even jokes that the animators charged their time twice for the parts that were taken from the pilot.