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So far just seen FSN and Owari. Perfect song to smash a girl to First episode of Gunslinger Stratos was surprisingly not bad. Also started up Kill La Kill. I mean wtf in the grail battle would lose his servant and his command spells. Lold hard the whole time. You can link your MAL to a masterani account. Must-watch for any anime viewer IMO.

Loved the princess’s reactions to Crusty. Rainbow just started now up to episode 7 KLK is awesome srs, looks stupid as fuk with all the fanservice and cheap animation but its great. SlickTurtle don’t read this, well IDK how far off you are in the series but im guessing not yet Do not read this Slick. Kind of getting sick of all the fan service animes. Bukatsumono Encore Episode 8 before other websites so please Bookmark and add us on Facebook for update!!! And I hope Minori speaks up, soon.

Triage’s first episode comes out this Thursday for us. Crusty really is a Villain in Glasses as well XD loved the interaction between him and the princess.

Whatever you do, don’t watch it!! There is a lot that came across as different in Shikugeki, sweet jesus.

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No relation to Infinite Stratos or Gunslinger Girl. Crusty sure can read Lenessia well, same goes for Lenessia; means shipppp Lenessia is awesome, I love her That cliffhanger! Krusty is a boss like how I remember from the LN: Just blazed through UBW since Season 2 started and man was it epic. Remember, in the ants hierarchy there are the worker ants and then there are the army ant they’re the ones who does the fighting. Looks like they adapted Volume 3, chapter 3 from the LN.


You can link your MAL to a masterani account. It’s so hard trying to find a nice 3d looking one of her. OP at least has that game of thrones quality where there’s a lot of different groups fighting for power fairy tail tried that with the grand magic games and completely failed.

Hopefully they dont fk em up. I remember hearing of other similar named anime. I want Rambo in a mecha-suit with a laser-chainsaw gun that fires nuclear warheads, fighting the love-child of Predator, Alien, a group of Bangladeshi terrorists, and Satan. Will be listening to it over and over. It was a good series for like episodes and then it decidedly stepped its game up lgo the end, much to my surprise thought it’d continue to be horizoon with no resolution at the end.

I suggest you don’t read the manga or play the game. If its one of your favourites I can recommend a few others in a similar vein hehehe. Continuing to show the development of the princess and Krusty while working the plot forward with the rest – next should be a very informative one with the lake mage and shiroe and akatsuki, as well as the rest of cast training camp etc Bastien said: Browsing All Articles Articles. I really loved how Crusty was reading her minds xD Nice relationship development imo.

What are you waiting for? The follow episode only have raw released. U got her watching railgun? Now on display and feeling like a fish out of water, Kenji tries his best to fit in with Natsuki and her relatives, until one day he receives a mysterious math problem through a text message.


But just because you started it doesn’t mean you’ll finish in a timely fashion. I absolutely love Casshern Sins, the way it was told, the ideas it explored and got me to think more anome4fun about.

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Kurisu’s one of the best tsunderes. The show was my favourite from the last few seasons, phucking loved it. Damn, if you do a gj I will go to you only to make my collage. Currently watching hanayamata, and its OK. But you are right, wait til it’s over and watch the finale to see if it’s an ending you’d like then watch s2 before s1 and finish with the rest of s3.

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Ya, I kind of lost interest in OP bc it’s heading that path if anime4gun already there. Wonder who recommended this Thank you based revy. Denpa was just pure fun to watch and will probably be a favourite from the season, while Shogukegi I am unsure if I’ll stick with throughout the season. Finally finished Inou Battle because it is spring break for me. I like Krusty but I do not altogether trust him.