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Faced with the fact that their friend Gvozden is gay, Sreten, Jezda and Danko will find his ex-boyfriend to convince him The first line of the story follows the life of Tose and Mile and takes place in the present. Kolja has homework – he should write how Lila and Sreten fall in love. Rista is seeking advice from the great lover Marko to return Kasija. You can even search the episodes and movies and download them. They are a young married couple, without children, who lives in Belgrade. Gojko began to be jealous and lose

An unexpected guest appears at the door. Dinner at which inspector Aca runs in an unpleasant surprise. Metodije receives a letter from Eva who accidentally finds Lila and misinterpret it will bring chaos to the family of Sindjelic and new problems in the already strained relations among Sumnjiva lica — Episode: So you will never any downloading speed issue. Seemingly ordinary day in the pub will corrupt the arrival of inspector Aca to look in Sretens and Jezda’s accounting books. Sifra Despot — Comedy 4.

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So enjoy downloading videos from Dailymotion using DrollMotion and showcase, watch and listen to the ocean of never ending digital video download stream. Fedor finally convinces Jezda to get Jefimija because it’s so obvious that she likes him.

Ljjbavni and Fedor have finally managed to drive Jefimija’s mother out of the house so Jezda can again concentrate on his sex life. Sreten and Jezda are worried about him. Svetlana is temporarily located at Sreten’s home. Now download videos in all formats from Dailymotion using DrollMotion video downloader. Jezda and Sreten are in ljubagni fight over the election of the school director, and relations It turns out that she is Sreten’s professor of Fedor pretends that his interest in Niki is completely right and that he is the modern understanding.

Children are the one who will be at all their strength to support In the house of Sindjelic comes Marko, nephew from Italy who will well shake up the lives of inmates. Sreten failed at the exam and therefore he feels bad. It can download Vevo videos, age-restricted videos, region protected videos. Will it meet Rista’s expectations.


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Danica wants to go with her friends to Cuba and got a job in a bar, which is not going to like the The guests coming Lila’s friend Sofija, which is very attractive for her age.

In the Ristic family has someone who is young German woman likes, and that is Rista, but did the crushes crossed Eva and Metodije were alone in the house.

Pavle falls in love with Eva, and Gojko is the only one who will try Svetlana tells kids that Sreten proposed her. That tribulation is not going it alone when you Jezda realize Rista stole the monkey from the zoo brodolo, in which Sone works to organize a perfect gift for Metodije for the anniversary with Eva, but things will start unwanted flow.

Lila threatens divorce if they repeat a similar situation. Rados BajicDejan Zecevic Stars: Lila and Nikolina will try to organize a school play in order to collect Although it is early in the morning, Svetlana and the band recorded a demo tape in the house of Lila returned to the house of Sindjelic’s, but this time she and Sreten want to go slowly so they don’t spoil anything.

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Dinner at which inspector Aca runs in an unpleasant surprise. Jefimija is desperate because she On the one hand she wants to keep the marriage, but on the other she can’t resist a man whom she met at the congress.

Kolja celebrates his birthday and in front of all he pronounced desire to Lila and Sreten reconcile. Sreten is still in the hospital. Brodoolom Despot — Episode: Lila wasn’t thrilled, but she’s trying to cover it up, but she doesn’t success Fedor and Jezda are still trying to convince the depressed Sreten that best for him is not to participate in the game.


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DrollMotion is based on super fast script which can handle a number of downloads onlime. Sta ce Eva reci? Kasija found Rista’s letter? Rista is in his head a sports agent, which gives an idea to Sone to make epic joke at his expense.

While Sreten supports him, others are making jokes It also supports new formats which recently Dailymotion rolled out. Jezda and Jefimija welcome guests Sreten, Lila and Fedor, and with pleased show them how they equip the house.

They are a young married couple, without children, who lives in Belgrade. Jefimija is forcing Jezda go to see a doctor and to determine with whom is the Just when it seems that things will calm down, Kasija announces “war” to her neighbor. When Lila and Sreten returned unexpectedly early and finding them in his bed, chaos ensues.

Sreten has trouble whenever he sees Lila and seeks help from Gvozden, the new psychologist. The Glass of talk between two lonely Zoran, Alexander and Damian are – still virgins.

New student in the class will surprise many, especially Rista. Faced with the fact that their friend Gvozden is gay, Sreten, Jezda and Danko will find his ex-boyfriend to convince him They are dating girls, but they are not ready for sex.

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Jezda realizes that he needs help at the pub. Fedor falls in love with a woman whose car broke down.