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Her being one of the Kindath could have made her seem like a likely candidate to be victimized, but instead, Kay uses her as the voice of sanity caught in the middle of events completely outside of her control. Of the around , 72 were nobles singled out for massacre at a banquet, and then crucified and displayed in a ditch. There is romance, and it is very complicated. No matter how the book ends, this movie will end with a sweeping shot in melancholy light of the lands that these manly men fought their way across. You read them, love and appreciate them, put them back on the shelf, and move on. Islamic law does call for the death of infidel Jews and Christians who rape a Muslim woman.

Rather than making me dislike her it would have made her more real. Or will it be with one of the minor characters? Or with proud Rodrigo, the Scourge of Al-Rassan, brave, virtuous, faithful? The celestial bodies of worship hold no significance or theological parallels to the faiths of our world, which is effective; since there are no analogies to the figures of Muhammad, Christ, and Moses, we are less predisposed to judge or favor any of the three faiths in advance. In contrast to this, prior to AD in Spain, the Visigothic code of law had combined Visigothic practices, with Roman law, and some Christian principles that, rather remarkably for its time, tried to limit the power of government like the later Magna Carta. Nov 08, Reggie Kray rated it it was amazing. Kay telescopes the retaking of Toledo in with the crusade to Palestine in as being coordinated at the same time, allowing the theme of Christian holy war to resonate more strongly.

Not logical, but religious belief rarely is. Each of them paused there, squinting, almost sightless on the threshold of light, while a herald announced their ap names with satisfying resonance.

She is a woman with agency in lands and in an age where it is difficult to be such, fighting for her autonomy standing on her own merits. Or will it be with one of the minor characters? View all 4 comments.

Pastor Anderson has been banned from the U. This apparently equates to baby-killing monsters to the bloodthirsty Asharjaddites, who both hate the Kindath. I regard the subject as a… betrayal.


They could work town businesses and own farmland. One report — this one a fable, obviously — even had it that in Ragosa [Zaragoza], where a Kindath [Jewish] sorcerer had bewitched the feeble king, a river ran through the palace. Made it a little hard to warm up to him later, for me, at least.

On the one hand, I liked it quite a bit, but on the other, I felt like there was just something missing or off about it, and I had several issues that I can’t ignore. Good people can ,ions terrible things.

He had ridden with an army himself in the first years, in campaigns to the south and east, and had directed it in the field, triumphantly. Open Preview See a Problem? The fundamentalist Almoravid tribes in Africa simply had differing interpretations rasssn sharia law and zealous hatred for the cosmopolitan elite.

The Lions of Al-Rassan

So while Ammar is an Asharite and Rodrigo is a Jaddite, they still find a way to work together. Maybe the fact that I don’t have much knowledge of the history of the Iberian peninsula, but again, I don’t think so. Email required Address never made public. Thanks for the review. His eyes were black hollows. The characters and the current geo-polical situation are introduced following a routine day in the life of the physician Jehane bet Llions, of the ostracized Kindath faith, in one of the main cities of the Asharite land of Xl.

The Lions of Al-Rassan by Guy Gavriel Kay

They had been drinking since the first stars came out. Kay characterizes the relatively liberal and tolerant Asharite city of Ragosa or the Kindath city of Sorenica as places of civilization. I find that if I have not read a book before I see a movie then I enjoy the movie more, and don’t nit pick as much. I hope to read Tigana soon. I almost stopped reading it in the middle of the book. Of course, Kay can do as he pleases in his fictional alternate world, and part of me actually likes the idea of a bloodthirsty queen whose shrine is revered on a sacred isle.

I loved this verse: Rodrigo and Ammar are done as the kind of bigger-than-life people that emerge during times of great historical conflict whose actions have huge consequences, but he never makes them seem outrageously heroic or unrealistic. About Guy Gavriel Kay. The night was becoming a blur already. Music and cries and laughter came up from below and it was as if they were hovering there, their movements almost a part of the dancing, weaving throng in the street.


The beauty of focusing my thoughts, of living a book, is also the risk to let the reading touch me deeply, to let my feelings be vulnerable to what a story, an author, is daring me to experience for myself. It is historical fantasy, with little or none fantastic elements.

Outside the city walls she meets Rodrigo, as he settles old debts with Gonzalez’ brother Garcia de Rada in the midst of a particularly ugly battle. Martin strips medieval Europe of its specifics for the purpose of creating a fantasy world, he replaces the cultural details he takes out with some appealing details of his own.

Because who better to persecute than the people who aren’t allowed weapons? Are these gods so bloodthirsty that the only valid form of worship is saying that you do and then killing linos that don’t? He seems to be using an extreme vision to make a point about the potential of cross-cultural sharing that perhaps could arise in slightly less extravagant settings that he presumably believes existed, historically, in the taifa cities.

Books by Guy Gavriel Kay. Jihad was taken for granted.

The Lions of Al-Rassan – Wikipedia

Also, like another review said, everything is made out to be very portentous and meaningful, but it comes off as pretty melodramatic. Badir had taken a huge risk at the very outset of his reign in appointing a Kindath [Jewish] chancellor. The author uses the word ‘congress’ to describe fucking, for crying out loud. They were forbidden to ride horses, to have intimate congress with Asharites [Muslims], to build the roofs of their sanctuaries higher than any temple of the Asharites [Muslims] in the same city or town.