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She stated that she privated the videos because she felt they were embarassing, although she had mixed feelings on it becase she wanted viewers to see where she started from. Even stranger, this wolf is needed to help the Guardians with a big battle, with a new enemy. The Witcher 3 Wallpapers. Check out the Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay reveal! Child’s Play A Charity: Now we are moving into more personal territory So if you follow me on twitter Lifesimmer, you would get updated there. Posted by Elly Finster at 5:

Prince of Persia Cosplay. Cortana’s Halo Series Evolution. I’m so bad at making decisions!! It replaced “Spam Saturday” where she uploaded two videos in one day. Now she needs to find a way to return the three men to their stories. I love doing new things and keeping myself busy. The game not the show, I never watched the show.

The Sims 4 Easter Eggs

This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. About the author By Ferry Groenendijk: Ferry’s Links Call of Duty: A girl joins the Creed and gets intertwined with Altair and his assassinations.

All the entries were awesome to watch but sadly I had to choose some of my top ones. I will try to add seasn my content as I download it.


I have been wanting to organize my videos and get my channel all set up.

However, there is more to this white wolf then meets the eye. I hope to do these as often as possible. Assassin’s Creed – Rated: I did a stream back when I was at 80k and it was over 2k people watching and a madhouse, I could only imagine now.

I would begin with an Intel i5, and upgrade over time if you would like, I think i5 runs the game fine, but i7 is very enjoyable as well. Related wiki Caleb Vatore. Watcher of the Hearts Joinedid: I have always loved reading, and when I played Assassin’s Creed, I was inspired to write many stories about it.

Nalledia 18 Potzy 2. Writing challenge from Bajazzo. I love doing giveaways, I like to do them for milestones or holidays. Will a girl be more badass than he? I was pretty young when I did this so that’s why it’s awful. I wish I could replay it without knowing the ending.

I am trying to become organized with all these lets plays. I am going to go at it like it was a brand new expansion pack released.

I hope that you could take a guess by now, I’m a female, its kinda obvious. Its the best route in my opinion.



Prince of Persia Cosplay. Child’s Play A Charity: Elder Scroll series – Rated: He loved gaming from the moment he got a Nintendo with Super Mario Bros. You really only need about 6gb-8gb, I mean you can go lower but I would highly recommend picking one of the two.

Top 3 Best Samus Cosplays. I love getting dolled up.

However, in she re-booted the series with new characters. However, I would recommend a gaming desktop for easy upgrades, if you are in the market for a laptop some of the things on here might not be available.

Let’s Play : The Sims 3 Generations S2 – ( Part 8 ) – New House

Kasumi Cosplay from DOA. A email that I check time to time is EmailLifesimmer aol. This stream had over 1k people on a Wednesday! She later created “Stina Saturday” where she records videos with webcam.