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The next target of the murderer is Raimon Yuzuki. After finding Reika, the group is confronted with more bad news. The case appears to be solved, but a passenger throws herself off the boat. Koutarou is found dead, which surprises everybody. Hajime and Miyuki are invited by an ocean development corporation, and the founder’s daughter, welcomes them to their resort in Konpeki Island in Okinawa, which is also known as Deep Blue Island. Unluckily, Rin, who had told that Marika is killed, is again found dead in her house with after being stabbed by the killer. They do not spoil anything in the current or future episodes.

Hajime takes part in a eating competition and gets sick due to a large amount of eaten food, so Miyuki sends him to a general hospital. Meanwhile, the ship runs off course and comes across a mysterious island. They and Aoyama, the owner of the cottage, find three members from the Kyogoku Family. Hajime and Officer Kenmochi go to a restaurant to have something to eat. Hajime arrives at the truth, but first he must take apart all the tricks the killer used to commit the crime. Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo TV.

Other treasure seekers also join in on the hunt. They are asked to find a key by eating noodles to escape.

Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo (TV)

The real identity of the “Conductor” is revealed. They are to find a key and are to do it without acting like barbarians. The assistant director, Takuya Mayumura is found killed after kimdaichi finds the wreckage of the boat.

Later, Tachibana is found dead with Hajime at his side holding a blood stained weapon. One of the artist’s twins is suspected of murdering him. Lists of anime episodes The Kindaichi Case Files. Enter your username or email to reset password.

Even the sword was not episdoe to commit the murder.

Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo –

In the midst of a storm, the curtain rises on a murder mystery. Uda, Kounosuke Episode Director. On the run for being a suspected serial killer, Hajime heads to Karuizawa to find the person who can help him solve the next code. Upon arriving the headquarters of the school, they find a student named Ren Moroi gets poisoned, everybody is suspected of murdering him.


– Episodes : Les enquĂȘtes de kindaichi

Ran is discovered hurt and sent to hospital. Hajime and the others discover a hidden staircase while looking for the missing man. Movie Broken Wrong Movie Other. The truth takes center stage as Hajime reveals that the culprit did something during the play that proves they committed the crimes.

Everybody has equetes kidnapped into numerous rooms on the 7th floor.

Hajime and the others continue to search for treasure as the killer seeks the next victim. Hajime tries to discover the murderer.

Hajime, Miyuki and Reika join a treasure hunt activity. Some time later, Hajime receives a phone call from Yousuke Kyogoku. Kami no Puzzle 1 User Gosick 1 User. A fugitive escaped from the jail had encountered the luxurious ship that the idol singer, Reika Hayami is in, and he has attacked a fan of Reika in the toilet in order to exchange his profile.

Case Series will be receiving a TV anime adaptatio In spite of this, another murder has still been done inside the camp. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The troupe leader dies with a Derringer on the table and the local police have been investigating on the case. Hajime realizes who the culprit is.

However, Kindaichi thinks that this is an exchange murder, and there is another accomplice behind. Edit Synopsis Kindaichi Hajime may look dumb, but he is one of the smartest detectives that you will ever see. Patricia is found poisioned in her cottage.

Kindaichi reveals a case committed by the Computer Cottage members years ago with the help of the computer. Upon arriving at the Renkin Island, they learn a terrible fact that there is an alchemist hiding somewhere in the mansion. One of the men goes missing after another victim is found.


Flag comments violating this rule and we will deal with them accordingly. When becoming members of the site, you could use the full range of functions and enjoy the most exciting anime. Officer Lee implies that a bomb had been hidden somewhere in Hong Kong, so he and Kindaichi go to many places, ls an abandoned hospital out of the urban in Tai Owhere the corpse of Liu Ivy, the fashion designer of the model show, is found.


Hajime and Enqustes go on a tour to search for an island treasure. Later, Fumi finds a skull being thrown into the lake, and in the next morning, the police find a skeleton from the lake, with only the glasses as a known object. Inokuma takes his students to his hometown called Cormorant Village to see a local classical performance, but there is someone found dead when the festival is in process. The latest victim left behind a will that confesses to her committing the crimes.

Satsuriku no Deep Blue. Everybody tries to escape from the order of Kindaichi.

Or maybe it’s a battle of the mind between detective and criminal that gets you going. Tanaka, Hideyuki Sound Director. But Akechi considered that an ice spike might be the key to the case. Hajime gets into a fight with Tachibana at a party. Kindaichi tries to find evidence that Shimatsu has the motion to kill kidaichi two mates.