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This was so — as we learn later — because there was no real murder occurring. One blog entry I encountered puts it like this:. Late in the film this burden shifts to our lead, Cristina, who has a heart condition. There are plenty of good reasons why H. Don’t tell them what you saw. Out of all the special features on the disc, I really wish this one would have been longer. This raises the question of the child’s story.

Almost everything goes according to their plans until the body fails to surface. The minimal amount of music in the film adds to this, putting the audience directly into the reality of the situation. Filming took place in and around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There is no music. This entry was posted in s , s , film noir , horror , re-imagination. Diabolique attained all three very quickly after its release in Some time later, the same boy who had earlier broken a window breaks another.

Apart from Wages of Fearwhich quickly becomes a Hitchcock-esque suspense set-piece drawn out to impossible length, Clouzot rarely created scenes like the one following the bomb on a bus at beginning of Sabotagea sequence that features almost no context and characters that exist only to be disposed of. Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Inferno In a interview with Positif magazine another notorious institutional enemy of the Cahiers du Cinema filmmakersChabrol has this to say about L’Enfer and Clouzot: Retrieved October 23, Their fears of a blackmailer are confirmed when Mia discovers the shower curtain used to conceal Guy’s body hanging in her bathroom window.

The movie is dominated by images of water, of drowning. Clouzot saw Hitchcock as the one ripping him off, films like Vertigo and especially Psycho aping a his style to a ridiculous extreme. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The first is that both men repotedly ran their sets the same way. Michel has openly been having an affair with Nicole Horner, one of the teachers at the school.


Don’t Tell Them What You Saw: Les Diaboliques (1955) vs. Diabolique (1996)

A respectable prep school concealing rot and authoritarian cruelty. Nicole arrives, and it is revealed that she and Guy had planned the series of events to scare Mia to the point of heart failure.

As realistic as the entire film tries to be, Clouzot switched to low-key lighting for the finale, giving the school an almost ethereal appearance as Christina runs through its halls, trying to find out who or what is creeping around.

Michel has merely hastened soiler event. Together they work out an elaborate plan to rid themselves of their common tormentor.

In my favorite dialogue those elements are combined with an added note of surprise. I’m not the only one to follow that path. Critics, including Roger Ebert, absolutely hated this ending, feeling that it utilized the conventions of the slasher film ciaboliques a gimmicky, cheap way.

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Les Diaboliques (film) – Wikipedia

Hell, it was even shot in 1. You could argue it’s “dark” or “challenging” that the answer to that question is “yes,” but it’s the kind of cheap awfulness that Clouzot had no interest in.


This article is about the film. Terrified, she loses consciousness and collapses, apparently suffering a heart attack. Les Diaboliques makes you feel like a fool, not for having been tricked, but for not having seen the philosophical, spoilfr, emotional truth of what really happened.

Soon other mysterious events begin to occur Diabolique Theatrical release poster. Truffaut, a third party with no inside knowledge, is pushing a story that everyone involved denies: The strategy is to transport the corpse in a large basket back to the campus, where it can be dumped in secret.

Summaries 6 Synopsis 1. How they respond to a fear of getting blown up, how they present themselves and reveal new facets of their inner-lives over the course of their heart-stopping journey creates the depth and value of the film.

If you dig this interview, check out Nightmare Movies: Hitchcock, of course, has an affinity for set-pieces: His films are undoubtedly full of twist endings and skin-of-their-teeth plots, but none of his suspense sequences function as discrete units that exist for their own sake – each whisky bottle full of poison means far less than the character delivering it. Views Read Edit View history.

In the remake, this is no longer the case. Les Diaboliques Henri-Georges Clouzot,