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Chickenlover then gave him the book Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand , which Barbrady thought was such an awful book that he vowed never to read anything ever again. Towelie, a possible candidate, was said to be “high all the time” and therefore unreliable. In addition to making cultural references, they also try to instill fear and hatred by asking people if they remember such things such as “when there weren’t so many Mexicans,” “feeling safe,” and “when marriage was just between a man and a woman. He first appeared in the episode ” Sexual Harassment Panda “, where he greets newcomers by saying, “Hey! In ” The Biggest Douche in the Universe “, after Cartman is admitted to the hospital following his possession by the soul of his deceased friend, Kenny McCormick , the Doctor’s diagnosis is “his time is running out”, and uses that phrase as if it were a literal medical diagnosis, explaining if he does not get a “time transplant”, he will die. In the movie South Park: When the boys try to make money by snatching tooth fairy money left underneath other boys’ pillows, they encounter another set of boys trying to do the same thing. Lu Kim’s main job is the owner of City Wok, a Chinese take out service.

He creates a service called “TrollTrace,” which aims to allow people to run internet posts through their database and match them to a name and physical location. Barbrady was illiterate until season two’s “Chickenlover”. Hankey the “Christmas Poo”, voiced by Trey Parker, is a talking piece of feces. Lists of South Park characters Lists of minor fictional characters Fictional characters from Colorado. Moreau in the film version of The Island of Dr. Upon exiting through Mr.

Although Kim’s actual identity is revealed to the people of South Park leading Takayama to commit suicide in disgracethe police decide not to help him with his condition, so that the town will still have an Asian restaurant. He later appears in the episode ” Margaritaville ” in which he again loses his job, this time to economic hardships, and in ” W. Sparky voiced by George Clooney [23] is Stan’s dog.

He reappears in the second part of ” Probably “, in which he gives advice to Satan regarding his relationship troubles. Skeeter is an ill-tempered red-haired townsperson often seen at the local bar.

The boys rally to get him back, and Gloria Allred and others lobby the Scouts to reaccept him, suing the Scouts in a Supreme Court case that they win. This article may contain an excessive amount of intricate detail that may interest only a particular audience.

Register a new account. According to the audio commentary for the episode ” Damien “, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone came eppisode with the idea of Satan and Saddam Hussein being lovers on the set of BASEketballwhere they would attempt to brofher girls by improvising scenes between the two characters, one assuming the role of Satan and one of Saddam. Saddam Hussein’s body is made in the usual South Park style resembling construction paperbut his head is a photograph cutout, a technique also used with appearance by Mel Gibson and Ben Affleck in his appearance in How to Eat with Your Butt.


In the Jesus vs. Sparky also makes a cameo in ” Woodland Critter Christmas “, and was briefly seen in the episode ” Spookyfish “. The Stick of Truth video game. When the boys attempt to break off into their own independent syndicate, Loogie intervenes and targets Kenny to teach them a lesson which is a spoof on common Mafia practices.

His most notable appearances include leading the campaign to “Free Hat McCullough” in ” Free Hat “, and as a war supporter who excoriates anti-war protesters in the episode ” I’m a Little Bit Country “.

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Retrieved November 20, Parker’s voice for Officer Barbrady was inspired by Dennis Pragera syndicated radio talk show host, who Parker said he and Stone liked to make fun of for his “big, bombastic, stupid voice”. Hankey is sent from South Park and into Lemmiwinis. He is often seen, for example, fighting villains, and while inept at it in ” Damien “, he later is shown ” Red Sleigh Down “, ” Fantastic Easter Special ” and ” Imaginationland Episode III ” as being very skilled with guns, swords and a glaive in “Imaginationland III” he leads the charge of the good imaginary characters into battle.

Yeah, the episode has been kinda mild though. SouthParkHistory” Tweet — via Twitter. Trey Parker and Matt Stone explained on the DVD commentary episde “Towelie” that the character was conceived as a joking reference to the over-marketing of characters in the wake of the series’ success. borther

Hankey’s Christmas Classics “, when Santa felt unhappy that there are more Jesus-related Christmas songs than ones about him. Retrieved October 17, The one that’s right up over there, behind the Andersons’ barn He has been seen in ” Proper Condom Use ” where Stan beats him off but gets caught by his parents at a book club meeting, and ” Good Times with Weapons “, episkde which his fur was used to disguise Butters as a dog.

In the episode ” You Got F’d in the A “, which is a spoof of the film You Got Servedthe Doctor treats Randy Marsh after Randy is “served” slang term for being defeated in a dance competition by a group of broher dancers, as if “being served” constitutes an actual physical transgression that incurs major injuries.


Hankey concept was stolen from Kricfalusi’s cartoon short, “Nutty the Friendly Dump”, [11] and even discussed taking legal action against the show.

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Retrieved June 3, Subsequently, Chris and Saddam began to kill each other over and over again—appearing alive in Hell the next day—until Satan seeks God’s advice. In the next episode, ” “, Dr. However, they are resurrected at the end of the movie by Kenny McCormick ‘s wish that everything should return to normal. The exact nature of his abilities varies from episode to episode—for example, ” Super Best Friends ” portrays some of his most famous miracles as farces, despite still having basic powers, while in ” Fantastic Easter Special “, he claims to only have his powers after being killed and resurrected, so he makes Kyle kill him so he can save the Easter bunny.

Big Gay Al speaking voice Matt Stonesinging voice Trey Parker is a stereotypical homosexual man known for his flamboyant and positive demeanor.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. In ” Lemmwinks F Word “, he is seen outside his chapel displaying a ” God Hates Fags episoe sign towards an obnoxious gang of Harley-Davidson riders, who have been deemed as “fags” under city ordinance.

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Yates has a supportive but rarely-seen wife named Maggie, [18] and an unseen son mentioned lfmmiwinks ” Cartman’s Incredible Gift “. The Movie Home video. Additionally, Moses appears at the Hall of the Super Best Friends in the episode ” “, where he offers the opinion that it would be acceptable for the Islamic prophet Muhammad to appear in Southpark in a U-Haulif the U-Haul has no windows. While Kevin’s exact nature is never addressed on the show, his story is told in the song “Mephesto and Kevin” by Primus from Chef Aid: In the Season 18 episode ” Freemium Isn’t Free “, Satan is summoned to explain the evils of the Freemium pricing model to Stan, who has been spending exorbitant amounts of money in the Terrance and Phillip game app.